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AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum review


As much as we might love our fancy, high-priced robot vacuum cleaners, they’re not the sort of thing that everyone can enjoy. Much like those who chase after flagship phones, only so many people are willing to spend top dollar on tech — even if it’s an amazing device.

While there’s definitely a market for a robot vacuum that sweeps and mops and automatically empties its content, there’s a larger demand for entry-level models. AIRROBO understands this and its newest product, the P20, is that sort of “every man” product.

Priced around $130-$150, the AIRROBO P20 is packed with about as many specifications and capabilities as you can get for the money.

With a familiar design, the vacuum rises about three inches above the ground and has a unique diamond-like pattern. It’s an unnecessary detail to be sure but it does give it a bit of personality.

The P20 robot vacuum can clean up to 1,500 square feet on a full charge, or for about two hours of continuous running. That should be more than sufficient for the average household who needs to run daily maintenance and cleanups.

There are four different cleaning modes to toggle based on your needs – automatic, spot, spiral and edge cleaning.

One of the things that plagued early generations of these types of products was that they didn’t know to stop or turn around at the edge of steps or ledges. That’s not the case here as the AIRROBO P20 is able to avoid falling downstairs and will automatically turn around.

Similarly, the anti-collisions capability provides peace of mind. I didn’t have to worry much about the vacuum hitting a pair of shoes or a dog toy on the floor. But, it is worth noting that it might accidentally grab an errant shoe string or USB cable. If you’re running the vacuum daily, you’ll get in the habit of trying to keep things off the floor.

The 2800 Pa suction power surprised me as it was much stronger than I expected given its price point. Most robot vacuum cleaners with this much suction are priced at least $300 or more. I found it to be great at picking up common dirt, dust, and debris around the home.

The dust bin holds 600ml, or a little over two cups worth of dirt. I’ve found that I can get multiple runs without having to worry about emptying it into the trash. For reference I have a dog and a cat in the house and run the vacuum every other day. On occasion I’ll find an errant twist-tie or rubber band in the dust bin alongside pet hair and dirt.

I was also pleased at how quiet the AIRROBO P20 was at just 55 decibels. Not that I have any infants in the house, but I know it won’t wake anyone up were someone to be napping during runtime.


The AIRROBO P20 is a no-frills robot vacuum cleaner. That is to say it doesn’t do a ton of things, but what it does, it handles them well.

It doesn’t mop or automatically empty its contents after a run. It does not integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It does not support multiple floors. How critical are these features? For a lot of people, none of these things matter.

The vacuum is easy to set up, relatively quiet, and rather impressive in its suction. The app is intuitive and straightforward, giving users the ability to create scheduled runs, view maps, and more. And depending on how much traffic you have, you won’t need to empty its contents all that often.

The main floor on my house is split fairly evenly between hard floor and carpet. Moreover, I have multiple floors that need cleaned regularly, or at least semi-regularly. To that end, the P20 isn’t a solution for my needs, at least not at home. My dad, however, is a prime candidate for this one. As someone who doesn’t need mopping, and lives in a ranch-style home, the AIRROBO P20 is an excellent option.

Along those lines, I really like this one for my office. A simple square of a unit with no major traffic, no mopping to worry about, and no obstructions, it’s an ideal situation. I can run the P20 while I work and move out of its way when it gets to the desk, and be fully finished inside of a half hour.

Learn more about the AIRROBO P20 at the manufacturer’s website where you can purchase it for about $130 as of today. It’s also available through Amazon where it currently lists for around $130 (with an instant coupon).

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