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Trends of Web Development to follow in 2022 and 2023

In the modern world, on the internet there are around 1.83 billion websites are available, and this number is rapidly increasing since January 2021. It is essential to utilize the latest web technology trends to make websites attractive or to keep engaging in the competitive market.

So, if you are utilizing old tools and technologies to control your website as an entrepreneur as well as losing clients and profits, then you will have to eliminate the utilization of those technologies. You will have to adopt the latest web development trends in 2022 if you want to beat the competitors and have to make the best web app solutions.

So, in this article, we have suggested some rising trends popular in the web development company, which can transform the entire web development industry. So, we will discuss each trend in detail one by one given below:

Blockchain Technology

This technology offers a two-sided kind of transaction event. It simply means that a decentralized network identifies all the transactions. It receives the information data in the form of blocks that are joined together in the form of a chain. It has numerous paybacks and one of which is that it makes the complete procedure secure as well as error-free.

Blockchain technology supports web development organizations to control open source solutions for their projects, which makes easy the entire development procedure. This technology also permits companies to maintain their client’s financial data safely.

Some advantages of Blockchain for web development:

  • It can overcome the business’s financial expenses.
  • It is capable to eliminate the number of transaction contracts.
  • It can improve the cash flow of businesses.
  • It always assists transparency of financial transactions.

Accelerated page performance

Nowadays one of the ideal standards of the web design industry is fast loading time. Now it has become a priority for UX developers as well as for SEO purposes.

If you want to rank your website on Google so just decide before that how long users have to wait to access your website. The maximum load time for the sites should be 2 seconds. Furthermore, once the bounce rate will increase so at that time it will be difficult to get the traffic back. Page speed or page load time is a major factor in the website development industry. Moreover, you can also go with progressive web applications (PWA) which can boost the user experience.

Voice search

Right now we are experiencing the era of voice search and it is just the beginning, the function of a digital voice assistant is already included in the latest mobile phones. It generally comes along with smart speakers that are based on artificial intelligence along and gaining huge popularity. The major element behind the voice interface is the simple utilization as well as affordability. We do not need to learn communication because now it can be learned by the voice interface. The feature of digital voice assistants is a trendy attribute that smart gadgets utilize. 

Content Personalization Through Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, and other activities utilize the Internet without even identifying it. Machine learning (ML) offers the best experience where machine learning can boost performance without the input of any direct developer. Furthermore, software analyses come along with incoming information data which can identify the patterns while choosing to improve its work. There are several examples that we can use SaaS tools, chatbots, as well as engines that can support making employee’s life simpler.

Virtual Reality (VR) 

VR generally belongs to the gaming industry. The major reason for it is the requirement for heavy and costly equipment on the user side. The best execution is expected from the equipment for actual-time rendering. Therefore so many people say that they don’t see the utilization of VR for the web as a mainstream direction. Although it is not completely correct the other hand, it has already made a pathway for web development. If you don’t have more information about webVR then let us describes it to you. 

Several Giant brands in the web development industry have come up in support of the WebVR experience. Astonishingly, it has been made life for various browsers like Chrome 56+ for Android, Firefox Nightly, Windows Chromium (Experimental), as well as Samsung Internet Browser for Gear.

Micro-animations and interactions on the web page

When you want to support the visitors of your website in an attractive and catchy way then the best option may be video animations for it. They are also one of the major elements in the interface.

For example, on e-commerce websites or platforms micro-animations are added to the products for a superior view, which can permit the buyers to know how it fits with real people.

AI-Powered Chatbots

The AI-driven chatbots are the enhanced version of a standard chatbot. AI chatbots utilize Natural language processing (NLP) as well as machine learning (ML) to better grab user intent and provide a human-like familiarity.

Organizations can save their expenses by changing their support managers with self-learning AI bots. Our organization can support you in integrating a chatbot that is powered by AI into normal/professional websites and even for the Progressive Web apps (PWAs). Nowadays it has become trendy and AI-powered chatbots are improving the online experience of 2 billion consumers. 

Some Web Development advantages of AI-powered Chatbots are given below:

  • Chatbots can respond promptly in an emergency condition as well as it is capable to handle issues quickly.
  • It gives a fantastic experience to its users
  • They can give instant answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and link users with a suitable human assistant.

Single Page Apps 

These are web applications that are capable to update the information they can display without refreshing the page. It is available in the market for more than a decade so these are not trendy and It is standard. Although, developing a single-page app is not easy as making any other kind of application. You will have to write more code to design the SPA work compared to the server-side rendering method. The only major advantage of SPA that it brings is that back-end and front-end developers can now work at the same time.

Progressive Web Apps

It is a mobile website that includes all the functionality of a mobile app such as enabling its users, the speed of the internet, as well as the experience of a mobile app. You don’t need to visit the PWA on the store or play store for installation. You can simply visit the website of the organization and you can install the app from there. For great performance as well as user experience, organizations like Uber, Starbucks, Pinterest, and many more utilize progressive web applications. According to a survey by Statista in the year 2021, 9% of e-Commerce institutions have already invested in PWAs. Some of the advantages of developing web applications with PWA’s are given below:

  • It provides faultless Maintenance
  • It can decrease the loading time
  • It can reduce the development expenses

What is the best website design platform?

Do you have your own business and you want to develop the best website for your company as well as are you stuck in the loophole of the web development trends? Thus you don’t have to be concerned about it.

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Final Words

If you have made a plan to update your web product for 2022/23 then it is the best time to start working on it. You can utilize the modern web development trend which is given above in the article and think about which one will suit better according to your needs. If you’re looking for the best web development organization then we are available for you. You can choose Groovy Web which is the best mern stack development company

As well as a progressive web app development company, for the best web development services and support.

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