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How electric cars work. What smartphones are they compatible with?

Nowadays, the so-called electric cars are slowly starting to replace conventional cars. They are more environmentally friendly and more convenient. If you cannot afford to buy an electric car, then you can easily contact a rental company. There is an opportunity to hire a car for every taste, today you want to rent a ferrari dubai, tomorrow you can rent an electric car. There are a lot of their types on the market for selling and renting cars. But let’s talk more specifically about electric cars.

What is an electric car

An electric car is a car whose wheels are not driven by an internal combustion engine, but by electric motors powered by a battery pack or fuel cells.

Externally, an electric car is very similar to a conventional one with an internal combustion engine. However, there are a number of external features that distinguish an electric car from traditional cars. For example, the absence of a wide radiator grille, a flat bottom, characteristic blue or green logos and a very special whistling sound of the electric motor. But the main difference between an electric car and a car with an internal combustion engine is an electric motor.

In place of the internal combustion engine, complex exhaust system, lubrication, cooling, transmission, fuel tank and radiators, there are compact electric motors and small radiators to cool the battery located in the underground space.

Why is an electric car called “smart”?

The electric car model chosen for the test drive has a head-up display. This means that information about speed and limits is displayed not only on the dashboard, but also on the windshield. Important data can be seen without taking your eyes off the road. And if you specify a destination in the navigator, information about the route will also appear on the windshield.

The car is equipped with artificial intelligence. How does he work?

  1. As soon as the car recognizes “its” driver – for example, by mobile phone – it prepares a seating position that is comfortable for it.
  2. A “smart” car can understand in what weather it is necessary to turn on the seat heating.
  3. An electric car with artificial intelligence can remember what kind of music the owner listens to.
  4. The car has “smart” navigation. It takes into account the topographical features of the area, past trips and the nuances of the driving style of the owner of the car. This helps to get the route as accurate as possible. In addition, AI can determine when the electric car needs to be filled up and tell you the nearest gas station.

To understand which phone is compatible with your electric car, you need to understand what OS is installed on it.  Android Auto by Google – smartphones with Android OS. Apple CarPlay operating system – IOS OS, Windows OS and Linux Automotive Grade – everything is a little simpler here, just enough of a smartphone that has Bluetooth.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles


  1. High economy.
  2. Environmental friendliness.
  3. Safety
  4. No noise


  1. Remoteness of charging stations
  2. Limited travel distance
  3. High cost
  4. No noise

The last point applies to both advantages and disadvantages. Why? Dignity – in the future there will be no unbearable noise from thousands of passing cars. The disadvantage is that driving along the highway, the driver may lose vigilance, and the pedestrian will not hear the approaching electric car.

Allocate such machines on electricity:

  • Intracity.

They have low power and speed of movement; they have special restrictions on maximum power.

  • Micro electro mobiles.

Designed for heavy urban traffic, with a small battery capacity.

  • Ordinary cars.

Familiar cars, such as some popular models from Tesla.

  • Freight.

Not yet very common, but in the future, they can be used in large cities for domestic transportation and reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Trolleybuses, trams, buses.

They are a fairly popular mode of transport in any major city.

Judging by the current trends, the world leaders in the automotive industry, politicians and other influential people are getting serious about developing the electric car industry. This can be seen from the regularly implemented standards, which constantly raise the bar for the emission of the maximum level of harmful gasses into the atmosphere, and from the powerful advertising campaign that has unfolded in the media space in support of this type of vehicle. In developed countries, the number of filling stations that provide charging for electric vehicles is growing every year.

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