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Hands-On: AceVolt Campower 2000 Portable Power Station

With Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Ian already causing massive headaches for parts of the country, the rest of us would be wise to consider whether we’re prepared for our own problems. Natural disasters, like tornados, ice storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes, can often lead to power outages for days on end.

Are you ready in the event of a major storm hitting your town, knocking power out for a day or two? How will you charge your phone to communicate? What about keeping perishable food fresh?

I’m a big fan of portable power banks for phones but I’ve really become interested in portable power stations. They’re incredibly handy to have on hand in emergency situations but they’re also fun for travel, camping, and other lifestyles, too.

The AceVolt Campower 2000 Portable Power Station is one of those all-in-one product that’s designed for a wide array of uses. Indeed, not only can you charge multiple types of devices across different methods, you can plug in a whole bunch of them at one time.

AceVolt Campower Portable Power Station Features

  • Capacity: 2000W (Surge 4000W)
  • Input
    • AC: 1100W Max. 100-120V~50/60Hz
    • Solar: 11.5-50V / 500W Max.
  • Output
    • 6 AC Outputs: 100-120V~50/60Hz
    • 2 DC5521 Outputs: 12V/3A
    • 1 Car Port Output: 12V/10A
    • 1 XT60 Output: 12V/10A
    • 6 USB Outputs: 2*PD3.0 100W Max, 2*QC3.0 18W Max, 2*5V/2.4A
  • LED Light: Lighting/Strobe/SOS
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 11 x 12.7 inches
  • Net Weight: 48.5 lbs

With six AC outputs to work with, the AceVolt portable station is perfect for emergency overnight situations where you might need to plug in a lamp, laptop, microwave, and other small appliances. Or, if you’re in a family, you might be using all of those at once.

Around front are six outputs, including four USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports. Two of the USB-A are 5V/2.4A while the other two are 18w Quick Charge 3.0 compliant. And those Type-C ports? They’re up to 100W so that’s good for phones, laptops, tablets, and two-in-one devices.

Other ports present include a pair of DC5521 outputs (12V/3A), a car adapter (12V/10A), and an XT60 (12V/10A) plug. Indeed, there are 16 total devices which can be plugged in at one time.

Here are some examples as to how much battery you’d have in the AceVolt Campower 2000 portable power station.

  • Laptop – 31 charges
  • Electric kettle – 70+ minutes
  • Electric grill – 100+ minutes
  • Mini cooler – 28 hours
  • Microwave oven – 100+ minutes
  • Drone – 42 charges
  • Hair dryer – 66 minutes
  • Blender – 200+ minutes
  • Cell phone – 200 charges

When it comes to charging the AceVolt Campower 2000 you’ve got three options: 110V AC outlet, 500W solar panel, and car cigarette socket. When plugged directly into a wall outlet, you’re looking at maybe two hours to charge the battery up completely. Using solar you may have to wait a few more hours.

The battery cell uses LiFePO4 which should be good for more than 3500 full life cycles. It’s a durable unit, and should not have any issues with bumps or bruises, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

On the front is a nice large LCD panel that provides a quick glance at real-time battery status. Easily identify remaining discharge (percentage), total output power, the status of each port, input power, and other settings.

Camping and leisure fans will love having multiple options for plugging in Bluetooth speakers, a mini projector, DSLR, GoPro, fans, and other on-the-go gear.

To be sure, at 48 pounds, the AceVolt Campower 2000 makes its presence felt and occupies the same amount of space as a smaller cooler. There are two handles on top that allow for grabbing and carrying, or moving from the truck bed to the back yard. The whole thing is a solid unit, wrapped in a dark grey with green accent colors.

I like the UPS Mode because it provides peace of mind for working from a computer or laptop. When power is shaky or prone to short outages you’ll want to plug the AceVolt in between a wall and your devices so uninterrupted power mode can kick in to keep your equipment running. This is also great for bottle warmers, CPAP machines, or medical coolers.

The AceVolt Campower 2000 portable power station is rated to work in temperatures as 104 degrees Fahrenheit so there’s no question as to whether you should have it with you when camping.

I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of this device as I can charge everything I need from one spot. It’s exactly the sort of thing I’ll pack when heading out for a few days of camping or an evening in the back yard with a projector, speaker, and lights. And best of all, it’s the peace of mind I can look forward to when winds knock power out in my town.

Learn more about the 2000W Portable Power Station at AceVolt’s website where you can currently purchase one for about $1,700. If that’s a little too steep for your budget, you may be interested in the AceVolt Campower 700 which comes in around $650 today.

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