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eSIMs and international travel: Let’s debunk this misconception

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Opinion post byRita El Khoury

The Apple iPhone 14 announcement earlier this week brought the spotlight on eSIMs because all iPhone 14 units in the US won’t have a physical SIM slot, but will instead support eSIMs. Suddenly, this feature that was often considered secondary is on everyone’s lips. And just like it did with the 3.5mm plug and the charger in the box, Apple will likely drag the entire industry behind it. We’ll soon have eSIM-only Android phones — that’s a certainty.

Among all the digital ink that’s being spilled around eSIMs, there seems to be one general misconception that keeps coming back and back: People think that having no SIM slot is very inconvenient for international travel and that American operators will profit because you’ll be forced to use roaming on your US iPhone.

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