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Apple rolls out iOS 16 update to fix frustrating camera-shake, paste bugs

Apple has issued a corrective software update that addresses a problem with the phone’s camera that has been troubling some iPhone users, as well as a nagging clipboard warning issue. As per Apple’s update dashboard, iOS 16.0.2 started rolling out on September 22 for all iPhone 8 and subsequent models with a few crucial solutions in tow.

The changelog mentions that the update fixes an issue where the “camera may vibrate and cause blurry photos when shooting with some third-party apps.” This particular bug only plagued the iPhone 14 Pro and its Max version, both of which have been outfitted with the second-generation sensor-shift image stabilization tech.

Nadeem Sarwar / DigitalTrends

Multiple users took to social media and shared videos in which the camera viewfinder could be seen shaking haphazardly, causing the subject to look like a blurry mess with constant movement. The issue also produced a grinding noise and caused the phone to vibrate.

The camera-shaking issue was predominantly reported for social media apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram when users opened the in-app camera system. When Digital Trends reached out to Snapchat and TikTok’s respective support channels, we were advised to follow steps that didn’t really fix the nuisance.

However, Apple soon confirmed that it was looking into the issue. Moving ahead quickly to quash the problem, the company has begun seeding the iOS 16.0.2 update via the stable channel, which claims to fix things with the camera system.

The clipboard drama is over

With iOS 16, Apple also introduced a feature that would show a prompt every time users wanted to copy from one app to another. However, this clipboard security feature had also started acting up recently. Affected users reported that they kept getting bombarded with the clipboard permission prompt even after granting an app access to do so.

Soon after the complaints started popping up, Apple promised that the bug would be resolved with an upcoming OS update. Well, iOS 16.0.2 is here, and it takes care of that clipboard annoyance, too.

If you’ve been experiencing the same issues on your iPhone, you should install the update as soon as possible. To do so, just follow this path: Settings > General > Software Update. If the iOS 16.0.2 update has been made available in your region, tap on the Download and Install button to proceed.

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