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Where to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: best launch deal

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends

If you grew up in the ’90s, then you’re probably familiar with all the cool and awesome tech we were promised and was never delivered, such as flying cars, the ability to learn things at the snap of a finger, and undersea cities. Thankfully, we have gotten some cool stuff, too, like foldable and bendable screens, and the first one to bring that tech to market was Samsung through its Galaxy Z Fold, the first smartphone that can open up to reveal a screen inside. Well, since then, Samsung has been reiterating and fixing the issues that naturally come with a completely new technology paradigm, and now they’ve finally come out with the latest iteration, the Galaxy Z Fold 4.


  • Today’s best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 pre-order deal
  • When will Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 start shipping?

Today’s best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 pre-order deal

If you’ve looked at our Galaxy Z Fold 4 hands-on and are thinking of pre-ordering one, the best deal to get it is at Samsung, with $1,800 getting you the unlocked version of the phone. While there are no particular discounts on the price, by ordering through Samsung, you get a free upgrade from the 256GB model to the 512GB model, so you get double the storage space at the same price. There’s also a 1TB version for $2,160, although the extra 500GB or so won’t make a practical difference for most people.

Besides the upgraded storage, the other big plus of pre-ordering from Samsung is that you can get up to $1,000 for trade-ins, which is double the usual $540 credit. What’s interesting, though, is that the trade-in applies to devices from other brands and includes trade-ins for Apple, Google, LG, Motorola, and OnePlus, so it’s a surprisingly large net that Samsung is casting with this current offer. There’s also a guaranteed $300 credit on a Galaxy device in any condition, which only exists as part of this pre-order and can help take a big chunk out of the $1,800 price tag of the Z Fold 4, especially if you’re trading in something like the Fold 3 or Flip 3. While this pre-order comes with a standing case, if you’re planning to keep your Z Fold 4 in a good enough condition to possibly do another trade-in when the Fold 5 comes out, here are some Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases for you to grab with your pre-order.

Alternatively, if you feel the Fold 4 is a bit too big or pricey, you can go for the Flip 4 pre-order deal instead, with our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs. Galaxy Z Flip 4 rundown helping you decide which device is better for your needs.

When will Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 start shipping?

As you may have already surmised, the Z Fold 4 is already available for pre-order, but shipping itself will start August 26, which gives you about a two-week window to get your pre-order in. That being said, if you already have the Z Fold 3, an upgrade may not necessarily be worth it, so we’d encourage you to take a look at our breakdown between the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs. Galaxy Z Fold 3 to give you a better sense of whether it’s the right time to upgrade. It does have quite a few upgrades, with the majority of them being quality-of-life improvements, such as lower weight, a better UI and multitasking, and much more powerful front- and back-facing cameras, making it a pretty great camera phone if that’s an important aspect for you.

Besides that, if you’re a fan of Samsung, it might be worth checking out everything announced at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked, which includes the Galaxy Watch 5, a new iteration on the model released last year. We also got to see the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, which is shaping up to give the AirPods a run for their money, although the Buds 2 Pro will cost about as much with a price tag of $230. As is the case with the Flip and Fold, all of these items are open to pre-order now and will begin shipping August 26, so you could potentially have your new gear in hand by the end of the month!