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What Is BNB Coin?

Probably everyone has heard of Binance. It is the largest crypto platform in the crypto market, with the biggest liquidity and daily trade volume of over $16,6 billion. The platform has its native crypto – BNB coin.

Key points about BNB crypto:

  • Initially, the coin was built on the Ethereum blockchain. Later it was moved to Binance’s own network – the Binance chain.
  • Binance regularly burns coins to support the asset’s treasury.
  • The BNB crypto first worked as a utility token for paying for transactions commissions. Then its application expanded to real-life use cases such as online services payments, booking hotels, etc.
  • The coin is available on all large crypto platforms.

Crypto prices are changeable and volatile, so you can check out the current BNB coin rate at one of the credible crypto platforms (Binance, WhiteBIT) or use the Coinmarketcap service. Currently, BNB to USDT pair is traded at $286.08 (August 2022).

How To Buy BNB Coin?

If you want to use a legitimate way to buy the asset, go to WhiteBit, Binance, Coinbase or any other credible platform for trading and investing. If you have some cryptos, you can register on one of the before-mentioned platforms and swap your coins to BNB in the “Trade” section in a matter of seconds. If you have not got any crypto yet, you can buy BNB with your bank card. For it, you will have to register and pass KYC, add your card, deposit your account, and proceed to the “Trade” section, where you can buy BNB with fiat currencies.

BNB prediction

Since Binance is known worldwide, and a million traders use its functionality and trading tools every day, the native crypto of this exchange has all the chances to boost. Moreover, we can see that  the BNB coin has already got a wide application in various real-life sectors. 

Based on the past years’ price changes, experts believe BNB crypto will reach around the $623 level by 2023. We will keep track of the overall situation in the world’s markets and see how the Binance Coin rate will react to it.