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Time Clock and Payroll System- Five Reasons your Business Needs It

As the owner of a small business you already have too much to do on any given day. If your business was larger you could probably hire an employee to take on dome of the day to day tasks that require your attention. But most small businesses cannot do that especially these days when finding employees is difficult and paying them is even more so.

Often the solution to some of your stressors can be to use technology to streamline the efficient use of your time. This can be true with the week in week out function of keeping time for your employees and reporting payroll to the company you use to accomplish this painstaking, “can’t get it wrong” task.

Five Signs you Need a Time Clock System

1.To better track attendance.

2.To be sure you are compliant with all federal, state and local human resources regulations.

3.To better integrate with your payroll system.

4.To decrease time theft.

5.To make the process easier on the small business owner.

To Better Track Attendance

Time clocks help management monitor the attendance trends that might happen in your business. When employees perpetually forget to clock in or out or for breaks this will show up on the time clock software and records. A business owner can also be given information that shows them trends in daily attendance or things employees might do like leaving early or coming in late.

Time Clocks Help you Comply with Regulations

In today’s world there are many regulations to which businesses, even small ones, need to adhere. Rules from the federal government, the state government and even local government can cause a business to be required to pay hefty penalties and fines. An owner or human resources staff can barely keep up with these regulations. A time clock that is programmed to watch out for the rules and notify the owner when they are about to happen or have just happened allows him or her to correct the irregularities and fix any outstanding concerns.

To Better Interact with Your Payroll System

No one would disagree that having a specific company handling the payroll, deducting taxes and other things that come out of an employee’s paycheck or direct deposit is a helpful tool for the small business owner. However is it within the capability of the time clock you are considering to handle the interaction of the two on their own without human intervention? The answer is yes absolutely. This time saving process will lessen the chances that errors occur and helps promote a timely interaction resulting in the completion of the payroll correctly and on time.

How Can You Decrease the Incidence of “Time Theft”?

Sometimes an issue occurs that deals with ‘time theft’. This is when an employee has someone else punch in or out for them when they are late or leaving early. With individual PINS for each employee this can be decreased or eliminated. Biometric clocks can be helpful because an employee can’t check in or out unless they are on the premises. On the other hand, many time clocks can be accessed by employees on their mobile devices or their computers making check in easier for every employee.

Will a Time Clock Make the Operation of a Business easier?

After reading what has been stated earlier in this article, you should be able to answer yes with no hesitation for all the reasons listed. Running a small business is beyond a shadow of a doubt hard. Using technology to make it easier is just smart business. The time you will get back is enough to justify the time and attendance system cost for your business. In Addition to saving you time these systems will also help reduce any errors in payroll processing and ensure you stay on top of any labor laws.


Of course there are many systems available on the market today. Small business owners or their designees should do their due diligence to help decide which system would work best for them. Remember to compare different time clocks and systems and to request a price quote to start your journey to select a system that will be right for you, your business and your employees. Make your choice well and relax because your business is now on its way to an easier time of tracking attendance and doing payroll.