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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases

It might not be a big departure from 2021’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, but Samsung’s latest flagship foldable is here in the Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, if you’re planning on picking one up, you’ll want to protect your investment as long as possible. To help, we’ve tested and selected the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases you can buy.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

  • Powerful folding phone
  • Lighter, stronger, and IPX8 rating
  • 3 cameras technology

This folded smartphone offers an improved performance with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 chip and its 3 cameras and ranks to one of the top devices in the market. Samsung designed this machine for multitask users looking for quick navigation and bouncing between tabs. Moreover, the S Pen is supported and its bluetooth connection gives advanced features combining precision and productivity.

$1799.99 at Samsung

$1799.99 at Amazon

Save $

$1799.99 at Amazon

$1799.99 at AT&T

$1799.99 at Verizon