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Samsung silently splits Galaxy Z Flip 3 trade-in options for Flip 4 buyers

Credit: Kris Carlon / Android Authority

  • Samsung has silently adjusted the trade-in options for Galaxy Z Flip 4 buyers.
  • There are now two options for trading in the Galaxy Z Flip 3, differentiated by storage capacity.
  • While the 256GB model will still return up to $900 in trade-in credit, the 128GB option will not.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip 4 last week, bringing further refinements to its clamshell foldable phone. At the time, the company offered a pretty attractive trade-in credits deal, lowering the price of the new phone by up to $900 if they traded in their Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, this deal has changed slightly since its launch.

First spotted by 9to5Google, Samsung has silently added another option to the trade-in dropdown on its site. Initially, there was only one Galaxy Z Flip 3 option listed, suggesting that all variants would earn potential buyers up to $900 in trade-in credits. However, there are now two — one for the 128GB model and another for the 256GB. The latter will still earn you up to $900 in credit, effectively dropping the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s price to $99. If you own a 128GB model, you’ll only get up to $700 off.