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DUEX Max Review


Believe it or not, the pandemic is still showing its effects across our workflow. Remote working is now routinely part of a benefits package and not something taboo that only developers and graphic designers enjoy.

With this new normal has come a wave of devices to help alleviate some of the pain points. Mobile Pixels has been a little ahead of this trend, and with the new DUEX Max portable display, the company has a compelling remote working setup.


The basic makeup of the DUEX isn’t revolutionary. The Max has a 14.1-inch matte 1080P panel capable of 300-nits. The aspect ratio is 16:9 with a 60 Hertz refresh rate. The right side of the DUEX Max houses two USB-C ports. That’s it. The casing of the rest of the device is plastic and comes off with a decent balance of lightness without feeling flimsy.

Around the back is the business end of the DUEX Max. This is where you’ll find the innovative magnetic mount and hinge system. The allows for the device to travel along with your current laptop without carrying any other equipment other than a USB-C.

The backside also has three buttons. These are used to manipulate the picture quality to your liking. You can adjust color, tint, and brightness much like any other monitor.

Real-world Usage

It’s somewhat hard to visualize without the DUEX Max in hand. The monitor has a track-style mount with four large oval magnetic platforms. These are used in tandem with metal discs with a 3M adhesive backing you position on the back of your laptop.

Once attached to the back of your laptop the track system allows for the Max to slide out to align next to your existing screen. With the monitor fully extended you can also move the panel front to back to pivot for optimal positioning.

Setup is seamless as far as no software is needed. The DUEX Max uses just the USB-C standard protocols to make the display work with your operating system. No drivers or special software are required as long as you have a USB-C port. If you have an older laptop with just USB3.0, then you will have to download the driver tool from the company’s website.

Auto-rotation is also on board. Regardless of the orientation of the side of your laptop, you want the DUEX Max the screen will automatically adjust. This makes for one of the most plug-and-play options I’ve experienced with a portable monitor.

Find the magnetic system to be sore on the eyes? That’s fine too. You can use any kickstand to use the DUEX Max as well. The fully extended mode for pivoting also allows you to flip the screen all the way around from the cover when not attached.

I’ve used it both ways, and honestly not sure which I prefer. I think if I lived away from my laptop docking station more often, I’d prefer the more permanent magnetic solution. With my workflow being more desk oriented with dedicated monitors, I think my needs would make more sense to just purchase the official kickstand from DUEX to use when I travel.


DUEX knocked it out of the park with the Max portable monitor. The design allows for multiple angles, solutions, and positioning. Pair that with the universal plug-and-play USB-C compatibility and you’ve got yourself one of the best solutions on the market.

The last pain point might be price. At $330, the DUEX Max is pricier than other solutions, but I’d argue it’s way more flexible in use. You can get the portable monitor in four colors: Gunmetal Gray, Rio Rouge, Mallard Green, and Set Sail Blue. Head over to the Mobile Pixels website now to order yours or build a bundle that works for you.

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