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Alienware’s new X14 gaming laptop just got a $300 price cut

Alienware x14 gaming laptop at a side angle.

One of the best gaming laptop deals around right now is on the Alienware x14 gaming laptop. One of the latest models from Alienware, it offers a great set of specs inside the world’s thinnest chassis for a 14-inch gaming laptop. Normally priced at $1,799, it’s down to $1,500 for a limited time only at Dell, saving you $299. You also get six months of The Disney Bundle entirely for free, working out to an $84 saving. Here’s why the Alienware x14 gaming laptop could be the ideal device for you.

Why you should buy the Alienware x14 gaming laptop

The Alienware x14 gaming laptop is a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking for one of the best gaming laptops without having to pay thousands of dollars. For the money, you get a 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor along with 16GB of memory plus 512GB of SSD storage. We’re always happy to see plenty of memory and SSD storage on gaming laptops as games are hungry beasts — they always need plenty of memory as well as space for their installs.

Along with all that is the core part of any gaming setup — the graphics card. The Alienware x14 gaming laptop has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card that’s paired up with a 14-inch full HD display. The display is well-designed for gaming too as it offers a refresh rate of 144Hz, so motion blur isn’t going to be an issue here, even if you’re playing some fast-paced games. Additionally, a response time of 3ms means that you won’t have to worry about input lag either.

The Alienware x14 gaming laptop is well-designed as well. That’s what you would expect to see from Dell, one of the best laptop brands around. It’s the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop out there, but it still packs in the world’s highest WHr battery in a gaming system of this size, so you know you’re getting good battery life here. As well as that, there’s Alienware’s Cryo-tech cooling technology which means you can enjoy lower internal temperatures than you would expect from such a setup. It also has an ultra-thin keyboard with RGB lighting and extensive customization options.

Well designed in so many ways, the Alienware x14 gaming laptop is normally priced at $1,799 at Dell. Right now, it’s down to $1,500, so you’re saving $299 off the usual price. An irresistible deal for gamers on the move, buy it now before the deal ends.