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Apple Fitness+ Gains Dedicated Awards in iOS 16

iOS 16 now features dedicated awards for Apple Fitness+ workouts, as of the third developer beta.

In iOS 15, activity awards are earned by completing specific challenges, such as hitting a new Move ring record, having a perfect exercise week, or reaching 100 Move goals. The awards can be achieved both with and without Fitness+ workouts, but in ‌iOS 16‌, Apple is offering a new way for users to celebrate their Fitness+ achievements.

The new awards, added in the third developer beta of ‌iOS 16‌, relate to specific Fitness+ workouts and categories and are identifiable by their unique shape.

It is not yet clear how many Fitness+ awards are up for grabs, but MacRumors has seen new awards for completing milestone numbers of Fitness+ workouts, both in terms of total workouts across categories and individual categories, Fitness+ workout streaks, and best workouts for individual categories, as well as awards for the first time a new Fitness+ workout category is completed.

The awards are available retrospectively for completed Fitness+ workouts that have met an award’s criteria, but users may not see the new awards on their devices until they complete their next Fitness+ workout.

In addition to the new Fitness+ awards, Apple has also added new standard awards for milestone running distances, starting at five kilometers.

Beyond new activity awards, ‌iOS 16‌ brings the Fitness app to all iPhone users, even if they don’t use an Apple Watch, allowing them to set up a daily Move goal and see how their active calories help to close their Move ring.

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