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Top 5 best offline navigation apps for Android


Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, where technology has literally become a part of daily life and for sure makes it much more easier and convenient every day, in cases of lack of Internet connection, we may simply become helpless. Especially when traveling abroad, we are highly in need of reliable maps and GPS apps so as not to get lost in a new place. To avoid this, we have collected a list of the 5 best Android apps with offline maps and GPS for every driver.

Today you can use most of the features offered by car manufacturers but at the same time you don’t need to buy a new car any more, as long as you have a smartphone, and a few GPS apps. As the popularity of traveling by car grows every year today car rentals are in great demand nowadays. This is because of the high level of comfort and mobility that you get for little money. Just imagine, that you can easily visit the site before traveling and choose whatever car you like in 10 minutes and that’s it, you can start your trip right away. To the impressive choice of rental cars and low price you get a comfortable stay for any time. You don’t have to worry about anything but a good time that you will have when riding a rented car abroad.


One of the most popular and well-known Android navigators is certainly MapFactor that provides its users with the top quality good offline routes not only in the city, but also in the outside.

The uniqueness of this app is the ability to hammer into the program the dimensions of your vehicle such as maximum speed and size parameters. Based on them, the Android app selects the optimal route, taking into account the characteristics of your car. There is a pleasant voice guidance, 3D navigator and lots of other useful functions. Without an Internet connection, MapFactor works stably and you can be sure that this app won’t let you down.

The best maps for drivers offer the Android app for. The program has a convenient modern interface and can be used in the offline mode both by drivers and pedestrians. Another advantage is that the app takes in 3 times less space in the memory of the device rather than the similar one apps. All the functions of the app including GPS are completely free.


OsmAnd is a great alternative to the other popular navigator’s. The developers have focused on highly detailed maps, so it can be used even by cyclists and tourists. Unfortunately there is no 3D navigation in this Android app but every little detail is perfectly graphic on the maps, each route and  parking places are shown up on the display.


An Android app that uses both paid and free offline maps of many countries of the world from different databases is an excellent way to keep your safety first. Users can choose the type of the map they need according to their preference and download them in different modes. The app has many useful functions such as warnings about the radars on the road, last information about the nearest car accidents; voice commands, tow truck and lots of more.


The offline navigator is equipped with a speedometer and timer, and loads maps from the Google Maps database. The Android app can Quickly calculate and provide the optimal route to the certain place. In every device the app displays the entire set of available objects and detailed information about them: working hours, contact details, photos, etc. There is also a base of public transport in case you need them.

For now you are definitely safe and are ready for any trip even without the internet connection. We highly suggest you to download these Android apps or try each of them to find the best that suits you the most. Good luck!

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