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Is Facebook Marketing the Social Media Marketing for You?

Facebook is now considered a social media giant. With an average of 2.89 billion active users per month as of the latest tally, Facebook tops the list of social media platforms with the most number of users. It is no wonder why social media marketing experts are eyeing this platform for online campaigns of all sorts.

We should not give the credits only to the number of Facebook users. The platform itself contains everything a person needs for socialising online. With a reliable real-time messaging system, users can send private and group messages complete with text, emoticons, and options for forwarding messages and replying to a specific entry in the chat box.

Moreover, people can post their stories of the day, their memorable moments and their musings. Other users can interact with these posts as well as share them on their own walls. Page creation, marketplace, news, and other features are also available for private use as much as for social media marketing purposes. All of these keep the users engaged in the platform.

For a social media marketing company, a site where many online users are flocking together is a gateway for online campaigns. This is the very reason how Facebook marketing came into existence.

The Importance of Facebook Marketing

A social media marketing agency will probably give a straightforward answer when asked about the best platform for an online campaign, that is no doubt Facebook. The platform has more than one avenue to house marketing campaigns. Moreover, if you are creative enough, you can even DIY your campaigns, although it really pays to hire a social media marketing company to provide you with good content and strategies. Here are some of the reasons why Facebook Marketing works:

  • Flexible

There are many options for Facebook marketing strategies. For one, you can request a paid advertising on-site wherein your advertisement will be posted on people’s feeds. The surprising thing is that Facebook studies the behaviour of its users to know the right audiences for your ad. This way, you can guarantee that your online advertisement will gain engagement. Alternatively, you can also post your products or services in the Facebook marketplace where online buyers go when looking for certain things to buy. There is also an option to create your own page for a free Facebook marketing strategy.

  • It is cost-effective

Social media marketing has a reputation for being costly, not with Facebook, however. In this platform, paid advertising is available through plans. You can choose your own Facebook marketing plan to meet your budget. Likewise, you can also use the platform for posting about the products and services you are offering. Just keep your content engaging and informative and you’re all set.

  • Large Audience

A large number of online users is still Facebook’s most promising attribute. When you post an advertisement on Facebook, more people will likely read or see your posting compared to other social media platforms. Since the community is large, it can also be said that the market is diverse. People with various interests and preferences can be found on this platform, making social media marketing more efficient.

  • May come for free

As mentioned earlier, Facebook marketing may come for free. In reality, the platform itself encourages companies and non-profit organisations to create their own pages on Facebook. This page can be used as your company’s blog where you can post about your products and services. As you grow your followers, your posts will have more engagement. Hence, more chances of reaching prospective customers.

All sorts of content can also be posted on Facebook. Long content, microblog, images, videos, animation, you name it! This makes Facebook marketing suitable for audiences with varying attention spans and learning preferences. Now, you are probably wondering what strategies are possible to apply on Facebook, right? Here are some of them.

Social media marketing strategies you can use in Facebook

Facebook marketing can be done in many ways. If we are to enumerate the ways you can utilise the platform for social media marketing, we will probably end up with a list as thick as an encyclopedia. Below are the four Facebook ad strategies available based on the plans the platform is offering.

Facebook marketing offers various options for marketing and advertising campaigns including image ads, collection, carousel imagery and video uploads.
  • Image Ad

Image ad is probably the most popular and well-used form of an advertisement on Facebook and there’s a good rationale behind that. For one, this is the cheapest option among paid advertisements. However, you should not underestimate the power of static images and simplicity. Online viewers appreciate easy to load content with a direct message, characteristics typical to image Facebook marketing. The platform allows a single image with a 40-character limit for headlines. The text is also limited to 125 characters which will be enough for a compelling call to action.

  • Collection Ad

Collection ads are similar to image ads, only here you are allowed to use multiple images. It can be used to launch products virtually. Similar to a leaflet, this social media marketing strategy is best for promoting products with specific features but need to be promoted all at the same time (as a seasonal promo, for example).

  • Carousel Ad

Carousel posts are a gift when it comes to social media marketing. In a carousel ad, your audiences can interact with your post. They can view the post from various angles, a virtual experience that is very close to seeing a product display in real life.

  • Video Ad

A video ad is a good way to make a product and service demo. As long as you are keeping your content entertaining and engaging, video ads are worth the investment. With the help of moving pictures and audio, your message is being delivered effectively as compared to the other options. Many devices also support autoplay for videos on Facebook. Hence, you will not have a problem with calling the attention of your audiences. If your video ad is compelling enough, they will not risk scrolling past it.

Final Thoughts

To make the most out of your investment, consult a social media marketing agency in Singapore like OOm for content creation and ways on how to gain more audiences and customers using Facebook.

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