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Top 8 Cool Games Like Roblox In 2022

Roblox is a popular name for pro gamers worldwide for several reasons. First, it is a massively multiplayer online game with multiple in-game features that are loved by both adults and children. In addition, it allows for creating your own game as well as playing games built by others.

Nevertheless, despite its endless possibilities, you might want to enhance your gaming experience with other games like Roblox. So keep scrolling through this write-up to find games with a similar vibe to Roblox.

Top 8 Games Like Roblox In 2022

Even though some fantastic features, Roblox can get monotonous to you. You also worry about your child coming across some inappropriate, adult content.

Therefore, we have curated a list of top 8 cool games that can replace Roblox.


Minecraft is an excellent alternative to Roblox with a similar essence. This game allows you to develop whatever you want using blocks, just like Roblox. It serves the same foundation by giving you a 3D world with generous space to get creative.

In addition, all the elements here are block-shaped, where you need to explore and gather the materials to create. On the other hand, you must have a defense system for survival and protecting your home. Nighttime is filled with wild and wicked predators.


  • It has an endless space with solid creation tools.
  • The game provides multiplayer support for almost 5 to 8 players.
  • It supports cross-play across platforms.


 iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux

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Garry’s Mod

GMod or Garry’s Mod is for you if you are a diligent manipulator of nature. It is a physics-based game with detailed 3D graphics. The game is designed to allow you to create custom modes for yourself and your community.

You can play this game without any set goal based on your fantasy by customizing and manipulating the gameplay. In addition, you can design several elements by using models of varying shapes, which differentiates it from Roblox.


  • It allows you to create gaming modes and customize the mechanisms of your choice.
  • This game has numerous tools to let you make anything you want.
  • You can find a wide range of models, maps, and gadgets in the Steam Community Workshop.


macOS, Windows, and Linux

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KoGaMa is a free gaming platform that is quite close to Roblox. This 3D sandbox game takes you to a virtual world full of possibilities. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode to allow you to play this game with your clan.

It also has pre-designed characters to create your avatars. Lastly, it lets you create games like Roblox.


  • This game supports a multiplayer system.
  • It rewards the users with its point-based levels.


Windows and Android

Lego Worlds

Another great alternative to Roblox is Lego Worlds. This game is pretty similar to Roblox with its space-building feature with virtual blocks. You can create anything you want, starting from an item to an entire environment using blocks and convenience tools.

Also, you will have a dynamic experience with your creations that can interact with their environment on their own. Moreover, creating items with LEGO blocks and keeping them in a sandbox makes this game exciting.


  • This game provides LEGO’s official virtual blocks for a unique structure.
  • It allows you to create spacious landscapes with special tools.
  • You will see your designed items interact with their environment spontaneously.


PS4, Windows, Xbox One


Creativerse is another sandbox featured game with fantastic 3D graphics and designs. What makes it closer to the Roblox game is the block system of the landscape. If you play games to experiment, explore, and create, Creativerse is your one-stop option.

It allows you to develop multiple objects in a diverse and widespread world. Alongside, you can play this game with other players and your friends.


  • It supports a multiplayer system with endless possibilities.
  • You can experience sandbox features, innumerable objects, and superb graphics.


macOS and Windows


This open-source game is a great free alternative to Roblox with a similar vibe. It is a Minecraft-based game that is very popular among youngsters for its exciting 3D design. Moreover, the game allows you to craft and construct the main building and protect it for survival.


  • It is an open-source project which makes it relatively easy.
  • The game gives you an adventurous feel with its excellent graphics.


macOS, Windows, and Linux

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Animal jam

Animal Jam is adored by a large population of kids, making it one of the most suitable alternatives for Roblox. It allows your kids to live a virtual animal life and explore the nature around them.

It lets them adopt more animals and manipulate animals for several items. It also makes things more exciting by providing the features of going on an adventure and saving the world.


  • It is a child-centric community with safe chat standards.
  • It provides a 3D block structure to build items.


Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


Survivalcraft is an excellent alternative to Roblox, with many similarities with Minecraft. However, having much more survival elements make this game more exciting. In addition, this game has a 3D block system that starts with an island where you are left alone on the shore.

The game is all about surviving by mining and exploring resources to craft items like weapons and other instruments. In addition, it adds to the thrill of hunting and growing foods for your survival.


  • System requirements are pretty essential for this game.
  • You get more tools and ways to survive on the island.


Android and Windows

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Wrapping It Up

Roblox allows you to be creative while gaming by letting you virtual block building and giving it life. It also facilitates you to play games with your companions. Nevertheless, the journey does not excite you the same and can feel a bit chaotic after a while.

Therefore, you can explore the alternatives mentioned above, which have their unique adventure features. If you found this helpful, do not forget to share your thought, as your voice matter to us.

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