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How to Create the Perfect Twitter Icon

Twitter continues to boast a user base in the hundreds of millions, meaning those looking to get into the platform will definitely find an audience. A great way to stand out in front of your followers is through a solid profile icon.

But what goes into making a good Twitter icon? What are some things you should know before setting your Twitter profile picture?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how to create a profile picture that’s perfect for Twitter.

Choosing a Twitter Icon

Having a Twitter icon or profile picture is important if your goal is to get noticed. It lets your followers put a face to your profile, literally and figuratively.

In fact, followers may recognize your icon better than your profile picture. In that sense, you should make your Twitter icon similar, if not the same as your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram profile pictures.

Depending on how you want to be perceived by your followers or the larger public, you should pick a photo that matches your intentions. For example, if you want to look professional, reflect that in your profile picture.

Maybe you’re using Twitter to keep up on sports news. Maybe you’re using it to boost your new band’s popularity. Whatever the purpose may be, make sure your Twitter icon fits those intentions.

How to Create a Profile Picture

If you want to have your face as your icon, remember some basic tenets of a solid profile picture. Use a neutral background that doesn’t blend with what you’re wearing. You don’t want a white background washing you out.

Don’t use flash and make sure you use natural lighting as much as possible. If you can, get someone else to take the photo to get the optimal angle.

If you want something different other than a regular headshot, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You can use a logo that’s associated with your brand, or even a portrait of yourself.

You can even do a profile picture photoshop to get the most out of your Twitter icon. For that, we recommend getting a free background remover to get some quality PNGs.

Sizing Your Twitter Social Media Icon

Unfortunately, you can’t use just any picture as your Twitter icon since the dimensions are rather limiting. In fact, anything over 400 by 400 pixels will most likely get compressed.

It’s important to remember that Twitter is (usually) viewed on a phone screen so you really can’t use big and complicated images. In that sense, a 400×400 dimension limit makes sense.

As such, choose a Twitter icon that accommodates these sizes. Colorful images that pop regardless of image size are great places to start.

Choosing the Best Twitter Icon For Your Account

Your Twitter icon is incredibly important if you want to garner a solid follower base. Use this guide to get the ins and outs of taking, sizing, and choosing the best possible Twitter icon and profile picture!

For more informative articles on Twitter tips and tricks, check out the rest of our site!

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