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Top 10 Free Educational Apps for College Students

Remember your mother scolding you for staying on your phone all day? Well, some things never change. There is an increased shift in day-to-day lifestyle to the digital sphere as we make more technological advancements. Especially after the pandemic, with the remote work culture and online schools, digitalization brought a lot of convenience for us.

Mobile phones, and the development of mobile applications, for that matter, became our greatest strength. Even a decade ago, we could not have imagined booking a broadway ticket or a slot at the escape room bangalore while sitting on a couch in Singapore with a click of a phone.

Mobile applications and new and advanced learning management software are revolutionising the education system. They made it possible to have a smoother transition to online education. Instead of being only a source of communication (and distraction if you ask the parents), educational software provides us with an online support system. 

The novel way of online education is bringing more educational interest to college students as well. Since college students have to be responsible for themselves, it is all the more important that they get all the help they need. From productivity managers, virtual lectures, online courses, organising classroom activities, or developing different skills in various fields, educational apps are helpful in every regard. And the best part is that so many of these apps have free access for the students.

If you are searching for free educational apps, here is our list of top 10 free educational apps for college students.

Top 10 Free Educational Apps for College Students  

1.      Google Classroom:

We have to start with Google Classroom. This has become stable for online classes. This is a virtual classroom where the teachers can share notes, assign projects, and specify deadlines. We can easily submit on time on the classroom app itself, and the grading system also becomes easy. You need a valid mail id and a class code to enter the room and communicate with the class. 

2.      Udemy:

Udemy is, hands down, one of the best educational applications out there. This learning app offers more than 130,000 lectures and video tutorials on courses from various disciplines. Be it technology, business development, or similar disciplines to recreational skills like painting.

The expert instructions will help out if you get stuck, and you can engage at your own pace instead of facing the anxiety of failing to keep up with your peers. 

3.      Khan Academy:

Khan Academy offers online education in video lectures. The process is simple, just like Udemy. The instructor uses a virtual whiteboard to explain the lessons easily and engage with the students online. They are best for learning courses on standardised tests like SAT, LSAT, CAT, etc. 

4.      PhotoMath:

Mathematics has often been the scariest subject for all of us. But fear not. With PhotoMath, solving maths problems has become easier. If you take a picture of the problem (whether handwritten or digital), the app will solve it for you. It even gives clear instructions so that you can learn the process as well. 

5.      EdX:

So many of us have dreamt of studying at colleges like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, etc.  But we know that is not possible for all of us. EdX has brought free online courses from all these reputed colleges so that we can learn from great instructors as well. There are more than 2000 courses from a variety of disciplines, and the certificates will be valid too.

6.      SoloLearn:

Coding is all the more important these days. SoloLearn helps in making coding more accessible and easier to understand. You can learn from the free coding tutorials they offer in various programming languages like Java, Python, etc. 

7.      Remind:

Remind is an app that allows us to stay connected with the student community and the teachers, and even our parents. This creates a community environment we desperately need while in college. You can share notes and handouts within your school community easily. All you need to do is access the app with your school code. 

8.      Quizlet:

Quizlet is an interactive quiz app that helps you learn your course through quizzes. They offer various study modes like learn, flashcards, write, test and match. You can access any of the ready-made flashcards they have on your topic or make your own. They promote active call- the process of learning through revision and recalling the material. 

9.      Kahoot:

Kahoot is also another excellent learning app for those who prefer learning and revising through quizzes. You can access quizzes on any topic and play with other online players. You can also customise your quiz. The quizmaster will use an interactive virtual whiteboard to provide the questions live, and all you need to do is log in with a pin and answer. It is that easy. 

10.    Duolingo:

If you are interested in learning a new language, Duolingo is going to be your friendly neighbourhood owl. This app has various levels and starts with a basic picture game. You collect rewards as you go. The owl (mascot) also periodically reminds you of your daily or weekly goals. The concept of steaks and rewards makes learning a new language more attractive. 

In a Nutshell

Technology has advanced in the past few decades, and we have shifted to a more digital lifestyle. This is both convenient and accessible for most students. These free educational apps have something for everyone. If you need a schedule, an online lecture, or want to learn a new language, everything is available to you with a click of a phone. Make use of such a benefit and download some of these apps to make your college life more efficient.

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