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Miss unlimited Google Photos storage? T-Mobile has a deal for you

Data storage has become something of a major issue as people begin filling up internal and external storage drives with photos, documents, and videos. Now, T-Mobile’s latest partnership with Google aims to fix the problem with a single deal. The mobile company is introducing a new tier of storage plan that gives customers the 2TB of storage included with its previous tiers, as well as unlimited space for photos and videos in Google Photos.

The deal isn’t live just yet but will be available on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, to all T-Mobile customers. It will be the most expensive storage plan priced at $15, but includes everything and more from the cheaper plans such as full-resolution photo storage, photo-editing tools, VPN services, and extended trials for multiple Google services like YouTube Premium and Google Stadia.

T-Mobile’s partnership with Google seems to be an attempt to push Google One, the company’s paid subscription service that allows users to pay for more storage and other benefits. While Google Photos’ free unlimited storage has been replaced by Google One, T-Mobile’s offering is even better. It allows for unlimited full-resolution uploads whereas Google’s now-defunct offering only did so with “high-quality” pictures compressed by the company’s algorithms. In terms of “bang for your buck” the T-Mobile deal is just about as good as it gets.

When compared to the different tiers of service that Google One offers, the T-Mobile deal is pretty solid. Google One’s Premium tier is cheaper than T-Mobile’s at $10 per month, however, it only offers 2TB of Google storage while T-Mobile offers the entire package of Google One’s Premium services. but with unlimited photo and video space.

Currently, unlimited Google Photo storage is exclusive to the T-Mobile deal. While many of us remember the days of free unlimited space fondly, the reality is that customers need to just accept that it’s a paid service now for anyone looking for more than the 15GB of free storage included with every Google account. Hopefully, similar deals for unlimited Google Photo storage start popping up in the future for other cell service providers, but for now, it’s all exclusive to T-Mobile.

For those curious about the practical benefits of the deal, T-Mobile is offering a free 30-day trial for anyone looking to upgrade their plan.