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Top-6 Necessary Outlook Plugins

You may not need all the plugins in the world to customize your Outlook. The truth is, Outlook is quite friendly with extra services that can be installed. You can significantly boost your productivity and achieve all the goals you need with specific additions, like Outlook to Salesforce plugin or Skype for Outlook.

6 Plugins You Need in Daily Life

Since it is hard to forecast which plugin you will need in the future, it is better to keep this list saved. Here are the most popular options. They are downloaded daily by users around the world, no matter of their age, gender, or job:

  1. Revenue Inbox is a helpful Salesforce plugin for Outlook. It was designed to help users to track important emails and upcoming events. You can customize your personal calendar with its features. This plugin is the most suitable for business since it provides specific statistics you may use to improve your gain;
  2. Microsoft Teams. This is a great add-in for those who want to chat with colleagues or even use Calendar. Teams is native for Outlook since it was created by Microsoft too. It runs quickly and does not take much space;
  3. Skype. If you need to start a video conference while using Outlook email, you can do it with the Skype for Business service. Once you install it, you will be able to just push the button and call your recipient;
  4. SpamBayes. This plugin was made to increase the level of security. It protects you from spammers. The program quickly analyzes the possibility of spam and removes suspicious emails from the trash bin. It follows your steps when you are reading emails to understand in which folder to put the letter. It observes your moves to make sure that it does not delete any important information;
  5. Send Secure. Since your messages may contain information you don’t want to share with the world, you have to make sure that everything is secured and encrypted. Send Secure quickly integrates with other Outlook processes so that you may not even notice it. It is visible on your tools panel. You can notice that instead of a simple “Send” button, you press the button “Send Secure.” It means that the information you send is protected and offered to your recipient as a code. Only when it is sent to the right person, this person is able to open it;
  6. Easy2Sync. This plugin helps you to organize your daily working routine. It gathers your contacts, tasks, notes, and even calendars from all your devices and reveals the information you need. This is a life-saver in case you leave your laptop and are desperate for important papers.

Plugins for Outlook

If you still don’t have any additional plugins installed, you probably use Outlook rarely. To increase your productivity and achieve the results you want, read this shortlist with helpful tools. Try one or several of them, depending on the benefits you want to receive. It does not take much time to find out how these plugins work and which features you may need.