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Sport&outdo Mifo S Sport Earbuds Review: is it worth a buy at $169.99?

Chinese manufacturer Mifo was one of the first players to sport TWS earbuds. With its wildly popular Bluetooth earphones, it has built a reputation all over the world, a prestige that many other companies don’t have. Sport&outdo is mifo’s new created brand focusing on sports wearables and Mifo S is the main product of the brand. Looking at the Sport&outdo’s official website, Mifo S seemed to be positioned as a professional sports earbuds. Small size, horn design, IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof, and when switched to transparent mode, you can safely run outdoors. These features all indicate the Mifo S’s target audience and market positioning. -So for this Mifo S sport earbuds, is it still worth a buy at $169.99? Let’s jump right in and explore the Mifo S.


When I opened the outer packaging and saw the product, I was really amazed. The product in front of me turned words such as youth, fashion, and dynamic into design language, and engraved them on the fuselage. The internal packaging of the Mifo S is very beautiful. The earbuds, instructions and charging cables are placed on the top of the box, and the earphones are placed under the box. At the same time, there is a hard plastic shell on the outside for protection. The charge box is made of alloy material, so it feels very comfortable.

Black is used as the bottom, and at the same time, white, gray and black English words are printed on the surface of the charge box. These English words represent different popular elements. Different from the stick-type design of most TWS earphones on the market, Mifo S adopts a bean-type design, which can completely insert the earphone into the cochlea, thereby avoiding rubbing with hats or other clothes during exercise. In addition, the bean-type earphones can be worn directly on the ear to fall asleep, and the pressure on the cochlea is far less than that of stick earphones.


The Mifo S uses touch operation in the logo display area. For example, double-clicking the left and right earphones can realize the operation of answering or hanging up the phone, and if it is playing music, it can realize the operation of playing or pausing the music. Mild noise reduction, transparency and strong noise reduction are achieved by pressing for 1 second, which can be controlled by either the left ear or the right ear. Five clicks on the left and right ears can achieve low-latency mode, while clicking on the right ear is volume up, and clicking on the left ear is volume reduction.

After actual testing, the charge box of the Mifo S can last for 40 hours of battery life, and the earphones can support 6 hours of battery life. Even without charging, you can also complete a marathon on the battery power of the earbuds alone.

The sound quality of mifo’s current earbuds is awesome. Whether it is in the performance of bass or the performance of vocals in the middle and high frequencies, Mifo S has extraordinary performance. And in the low-latency mode, Mifo S can also complete the gaming experience well, and the rich noise reduction mode can also adapt to different occasions, so that you can better enjoy music.


In terms of appearance, Mifo S adopts the shape of horns, small and delicate, completely in the ear and not easy to fall off, and at the same time featured with ipx67 waterproof, with antibacterial earplugs, the weight of 3.6 grams will not feel uncomfortable when worn for a long time, and also stand-alone 6 Hours of battery life with the charging case can provide up to 40 hours of battery life. The treble performance of the custom moving iron unit is delicate and layered, and the bass cutoff is decisive and not muddy. In addition, if you wear it and switch to the transparent mode when running, you can run more safely.

So is this Mifo S worth buying at $169.99? I personally think it’s worth it. With true wireless headphones with such performance at the same price, I think the Mifo S is still very cost-effective. In addition, in actual use, I think it would be more perfect to have the following improvements:

If it can be wirelessly charged, it will be much more convenient to charge as you go. The round case is smoother, and it would be better if they could include a silicone sleeve or storage bag.

At last, you can also go to the following link to view more info about the Mifo S:


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