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Intel joins list of companies to halt shipping to Russia


Intel has now officially joined the list of tech giants that decided to take a stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As of now, the company is suspending all shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus.

Intel has also announced that it is raising funds for relief efforts, having raised over $1.2 million so far.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

The information comes from an official statement released by Intel on March 3. Intel says that it “condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russia” and as a result will suspend all shipments not just to Russia, but also to Belarus. The statement makes it clear that Intel is hoping to support not just Ukraine, but also its employees, some of whom have close ties to the region.

Intel Foundation is in charge of the fundraiser which is described as an employee donation and matching campaign. The foundation is said to be working with its teams in Europe, including Poland, Germany, and Romania, in order to aid the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are currently fleeing Ukraine.

Intel ends its statement with a strong message: “We will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine and the global community in calling for an immediate end to this war and a swift return to peace.”

The tech giant joins a constantly growing list of brands and companies that are swiftly cutting ties with Russia, and in many cases, with Belarus. Belarus has allied with Russia and, according to the latest news, has also sent its military to aid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Intel’s decision follows various sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States government, such as the U.S. Department of Commerce requirement that limits the export of microelectronics, telecommunications items, and various items that are utilized in wartime, such as avionics, aircraft components, and marine equipment. This is combined with a long list of financial sanctions made on Russian institutions and individuals and other various export controls, as well as banning Russian aircraft from the U.S. airspace. Many countries are choosing to do the same.


Aside from Intel, AMD has also decided to stop shipping to Russia and Belarus, condemning the war much the same way Intel has. Today, Microsoft stated that it is doing the same thing and will suspend new sales of its products and services to Russia. However, it seems that Microsoft will continue shipping to Belarus for the time being.

Some of the other large companies that have already stopped shipments to Russia include Apple, Sony, and Dell. Apple has suspended Apple Pay and has promised to match employee donations made to Ukrainian relief efforts two to one. Google joined in by blocking Russian state media channels from all of its platforms. This includes the Google Play store, thus banning Russian apps, and Google Pay for the users who have an account in one of the banks hit by the U.S. sanctions from February 24.

As the war on Ukraine continues, the list of companies that refuse to be associated with Russia is likely to grow, adding to the mounting pressure on the Russian government.

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