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Huawei MateBook D15: 2 Minute Review

The MateBook D is Huawei’s range of low-priced laptops, and in this article, we have gathered our beliefs on a somewhat older model. Still, this one is all the same popular in a few regions the matebook d15 i5 2021. This proposes a pack and light all-metal structure, a beautiful good keyboard, a matte-up I.P.S. display screen, and capable hardware that can sufficiently handle regular chores.

Design and First Look:

Aluminum is utilized for this laptop’s intact outer shell and inner, so everything you will in reality touch is created from smooth, delicate aluminum. It does not feel as solid as on a few of the more superior laptops out at that place, as there is still a few bends in the lid cover, simply the MateBook D is yet more gracious crafted and more robust than most former 15-inch notebooks in its cost range. I would be heedful when bearing this on my back pack, as the screen is a little weak and pushing on the lid casts pressure on the board itself, and so it is most beneficial to put this within a few sort of careful sleeves that will as well prevent the alloy from scratching.

Keyboard and Trackpad:

This matebook d15 i5 2021 is a pretty effective type likewise. The keys are made of heavy plastic and are small, but the array is bang-up, with extensive and properly separated key-caps. There is no NumPad part, but you do acquire an additional row of function keys in good order, which takes an erstwhile to get utilized to but will be valuable once you do.


There is a 15.6-inch display screen on the VivoBok S530, with a matte coating and moderately narrow bezels, particularly on the faces, as well as sufficient room for a webcam and mics at the big top.

Huawei collocated with an ordinary quality board, pretty much equating with what the others propose in this family.

Hardware and performance

Our examination unit is a lower-tier contour of the Huawei MateBook D 15, with a Core i5-8250U C.P.U., 8 G.B. of RAM, and a 256 GB SATA SSD.

Battery Life:

There is exclusively a 42 Wh battery within the Huawei MateBook D 15, which is little for a 15-inch laptop but gives thanks to the lower-power computer hardware and effective implementation; this can last an average bit on a charge.

Price and Availability:

The notebook d15 i5 2021 is acquirable in a smattering of areas at the time of this article.

You can still find out the Core i5 model examined here for approximately $600/600 EUR in a few stores, although the higher-end editions go for about $1000, with the Core i7 C.P.U., 16 G.B. of RAM, double memory, and the Nvidia MX150.

Final Thoughts:

The notebook d15 i5 2021 has been accessible for a year directly, but I think it was a competitor product even in 2019. The one is about $600/600 EUR in lower-end configurations. If you can find them out, pretty a lot the one we have examined here, which is a powerful all-day laptop for surfing, movies, text-editing, and additional such activities.

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