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Your Complete New York Sports Betting Guide

New York legalized online sports betting in its state in 2021. This makes it the 18th state to do so. People have been legally placing bets since shortly after the New Year. 

Learning the ins and outs of sportsbooks in New York will have you ready just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. Once you understand the law, you can find a NY sportsbook that can take your bets. 

The tips below will help you understand New York sports betting to the fullest. 

Examine New York Sports Betting Laws

Study NY sports betting law so you understand your rights and obligations with it. The first legal New York sportsbooks opened on Jan. 8. Before then, the state had allowed in-person sports bets at casinos since 2019. 

Online and mobile bets in the state are sanctioned and overseen by the New York Gaming Commission (NYGC). You have to be 21 years old or older to legally place a sports bet in New York. 

You can bet in person at a casino in New York. If you’re going to bet online, you have to also physically be in the state at the time of the bet. Betting platforms use geolocation technology on your device to verify that you’re located inside the state. 

Find the Best Casinos and Sportsbooks

Search for a sportsbook or casino that you feel comfortable exchanging money with. You need to make certain that the outlet is a credible site and that uses advanced security protocols. 

You should see an “https” certificate whenever you use the site. Make sure that any mobile app you download for sports betting is officially certified and found in the iOs, Android, or other app store. 

Choose a platform that has clear rules and terms of service. Check out their fees to make sure that they’re fair, and that you’re able to take home some significant profits from your winnings. 

Learn about the speed of the transactions and how soon you can get your money. Decide on a sportsbook that also allows you to make timely bets before and during competition. 

Decide on a platform that has a user-friendly interface and a high-quality user experience (UX). Signing up for a trial period will help you figure out which platform you find suitable. 

You can take advantage of a pay per head free trial to learn which outlets are the best for betting. Figure out which mobile sports betting outlet runs best on your smartphone. 

Study the Best Sports to Bet

You should always bet on sports that you have some familiarity with. There are several sports that are popular for people in New York and all over the world. 

The NFL has plenty of bets each week, thanks to the number of intriguing matchups and the parity between teams. NCAA football is also an excellent option thanks to the sheer number of games in the SEC, Pac-12, ACC, Big Ten, and several other Football Bowl Series (FBS) and Football Championship Series (FCS) levels of competition. 

Fight sports like boxing and MMA are excellent for betting since they can end unpredictably with knockouts and have several prop bets related to rounds, times of stoppage, and who lands the most significant strikes. 

There’s always NCAA March Madness basketball, grand slam tennis tournaments, Major League Baseball (MLB), NBA, and even Winter Olympics sports like the luge and snowboarding. 

The more you study the sports, the easier it is for you to make informed bets. 

Learn About Various Types of Bets

Knowing the types of bets in play will help you win big at the sportsbook. Examples of sports bets include points spread, money line, parlay, over/under, and several types of prop bets. 

You can bet on players and teams, and different types of bets based on states and outcomes during the game. When you understand the nuances of each bet, you can begin studying the matchups and how the different variables play a role in the outcome. 

Understand Odds and Betting Lines

You can’t sensibly make a bet without understanding the odds and betting lines. Sportsbooks come out with odds for each bet that dictates the chances of each team winning and losing. 

These odds are important because they also correspond with how big a payout you receive. Betting on underdogs, or teams expected to lose will help you get a bigger return. 

The betting lines come out well before the game and change all the way up to kickoff. There are big chances to catch a gem of a bet when you follow a team closely and smell an upset coming.  

Take Advantage of Specials and Promotions

There are always in-person and online specials that you can take advantage of. Look for sports betting promo codes that let you get discounts and free bets. 

These promotions will help you keep more money in your pocket while having more shots at winning big. It also gives you a chance to put your hunches and research into play without having to risk as much.

Understand New York Sports Betting

The tips above make New York sports betting a reality for you. Keep learning all you can about sports and betting so that you can stay up to date with research. 

Give yourself the best chance of raking in serious earnings by knowing the law and making some quality bets. Check out more of our articles when you’d like to learn more about different types of sports betting. 

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