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Apple is developing a foldable MacBook with a 20-inch screen

Despite delays in the development of its foldable iPhone, a new report says Apple has set its sights 0n creating a “foldable notebook” with a massive 20-inch display.

The claim comes from fairly reputable Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young, who has been correct about future Apple products a number of times. If accurate, Apple could be looking to introduce “a new product category” of foldable laptops to its lineup.

The product, according to Young, could have a dual use as “a notebook with a full-size, on-screen keyboard when folded” and “a monitor when unfolded and used with an external keyboard.” In addition to the 20-inch display size, Apple is said to be considering screen resolutions of at least 4K, with higher options likely.

While there is no indication on what type of branding the Apple foldable notebook might have, many sources have associated it with the MacBook line due to the size of its display, more so than the iPad or other foldables on the market, which are much smaller by comparison. However, if Apple were to introduce a new product category with its foldable notebook, it is possible the company could reveal new branding as well.

Apple’s wouldn’t be the first large, foldable tablet of its kind. Asus is set to launch the first 17-inch foldable Windows tablet later this year, called the Zenbook 17 Fold. Samsung, the current leader in mobile gadgets with foldable screens, also previewed the Galaxy Flex Note at CES earlier this year.

A 20-inch screen would certainly be a first, though, and Young believes Apple’s interest in expanding foldables options in such a way is “good news” for the market.

The analyst said Apple is in no rush to release a foldable of any kind, with a potential launch timeline for the foldable notebook being sometime in 2026 or 2027. The foldable iPhone was once slated for a 2023 or 2024 release, but is now expected to launch sometime in 2025.

Another well-known Apple supply chain analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, claims that the foldable iPhone could sell up to 20 million units whenever it is released. Perhaps the time between now and a potential launch would drum up a similar interest in the foldable notebook.