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3 Surprising Things to Try with an Amphibious XTV

Today, there’s an all-terrain vehicle designed for just about any need you can imagine. Many of these options are so versatile in terms of the extremes they can accomplish that they are classed as XTV’x (Extreme Terrain Vehicles) or UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles).

One of these varieties you may have heard of is the Argo, a series of powerful and versatile UTV. What you may not already know is that the Argo isn’t just able to perform exceptionally well over various kinds of land; it is also amphibious. Here are a few examples of ways that you can use an Argo to provide a better sense of just how resourceful a vehicle they are. 

What is an Argo?

In the case of the Argo, one of the most popular kinds of UTV, the places it can go aren’t even limited to terrain, which is a stretch of land by definition. That’s because it is amphibious, meaning it can also traverse waterways. While that might sound straightforward, you’ll likely be surprised at just how well the Argo can do in the water.

There are only a handful of companies in the world today that manufacture a personal amphibious vehicle that is capable of traversing land and water with ease. While the number of Argo manufacturers is small, the options that they deliver are impressive. If you’re looking for a new Argo for sale in Canada, it will help to talk to a salesperson to ensure you find the right model for your specific needs. 

Propulsion in Deep Water

You may be wondering whether your Agro is merely waterproof or truly maneuverable in deep water. The answer is that the latter is correct: this is a fully amphibious vehicle. When the water you’re crossing gets deep, your Argo will float.

What’s more, the wheels of this craft are custom engineered to provide propulsion in deep water. The paddle design allows you to cross deep water while adding increased traction while on land.

Amphibious doesn’t mean that your Argo can only drive across shallow water; it will actually float in water that’s deeper than the height of the vehicle. The wheels on an Argo are specially designed to propel the vehicle while floating, so you’ll get a truly amphibious experience.

Mud Skipper

Not only can your Argo easily navigate land and water, owning an Argo is one of the safest and most efficient ways to traverse mud and swamps. If you own or frequently travel across muddy swampland, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck when the mud gets too deep or too wet.

Ice Fishing

While an Argo is adept at navigating from dry land to wetlands and back, you might be surprised at how well it also performs on snow and ice. If you’re a big fan of ice fishing trips, you might want to consider using an Argo, which can accommodate more people than a snowmobile and can double as your ice fishing shack once you arrive.

When it comes to all-terrain vehicles, the name of the game is versatility. So why not go with a vehicle that can truly go anywhere. Consider buying an Argo for your extreme vehicle needs.

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