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Which color Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks best on your wrist?


The Galaxy Watch 4 may be the new kid on the block, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 still stands its ground. It boasts some exciting features like optional LTE connectivity, an electrocardiogram sensor for detecting irregular heartbeats, and much more. When weighing what color Galaxy Watch Active 2 you should buy, there are six shades to choose from, but which is best for you? Here’s our list so you can decide.

Unique yet subtle

Aluminum Aqua Black

Staff Pick


Samsung has always been good about providing decent color options with its releases, even if they stay more or less the same. The second edition brings a refreshing and unique Aqua Black shade to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 series.

From $257 at Amazon From $280 at Best Buy $263 at Walmart

Cloud 9

Aluminum Cloud Silver


If you want a smartwatch that will match everything, this is an ideal option. While there was a silver version with the last release, this one comes in an eye-catching shade that shines brighter than ever before.

From $176 at Amazon

Pretty in pink gold

Aluminum Pink Gold


Rose gold tends to be another common option in smartwatch lineups, but Samsung made a bold move with this release. The aluminum models offer a Pink Gold option, which is pinker than gold, but it sure is pretty.

From $176 at Amazon $270 at Newegg $250 at Walmart

Back in black

Stainless Steel Black


If you were hoping to go with a classic black, you’re in luck. The stainless steel models, also available in 40mm and 44mm, offer a beautiful black variant that won’t disappoint. The standard 20mm leather strap is a nice touch, too.

$329 at Newegg $250 at Target

Sleek and shiny

Stainless Steel Silver


Silver tends to be a fairly common option when it comes to smartwatches. If you like the Cloud Silver aluminum model but were hoping for LTE connectivity, this stainless steel model in Silver is a great choice.

$200 at Amazon

Digging for gold

Stainless Steel Gold


The Pink Gold aluminum model is a lovely option if pink is your color. However, many users will prefer a more neutral gold that doesn’t have hints of pink. Fortunately, this stainless steel gold model is the perfect pick.

From $200 at Amazon

Aqua black is unique yet subtle

The Aqua Black aluminum variant is unique. The original release of the Galaxy Watch Active offered a green variant, but this one is more subtle, which is a welcome change. This lightweight aluminum model is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes. In fact, at first glance, it’ll probably look like an ordinary shade of black. Yet upon closer inspection, you’ll see deep hints of aqua that make this watch color stand out. There are plenty of band options for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, but a fluoroelastomer strap comes standard. The good news is these smartwatches take 20mm, interchangeable bands, so you can always switch to something more fitting in the future.

Silver is a popular choice for a smartwatch, and we’re glad to see that Samsung honored that sentiment by keeping it in the rotation with the Cloud Silver variant. Whether you go with the 40mm or the 44mm model, you’ll be able to sport this bad boy on any occasion. Once again, you’ll be free to swap out bands for whatever you find most appealing. The Cloud Silver looks great when you’re out on a hike with the fluoroelastomer band or if you dress it up for a night out with a stainless steel band. The choice is all yours.

Samsung surely tried something different with the Pink Gold variant, which is much softer and more feminine than the rose gold option offered by the original Galaxy Watch Active lineup. This was quite a bold move, but it appeals to those going for a specific look with their smartwatch. You can even dress it up with a colorful floral band if you want to turn heads. Don’t worry if pink isn’t your jam. You can always opt for any other shade that matches your style.

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