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What color Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should you buy?


The Galaxy S21 FE sits in an interesting spot between last year’s S21 series and the Galaxy S22 we expect to arrive in a couple of months. Cheaper than the regular S21 (which has been in short supply) with the same basic specs and a larger 6.4-inch screen, the Galaxy S21 FE will seem like a no-brainer to many buyers. But before you hit the button, we’re here to help you answer one question: which Galaxy S21 color should you get?

Lilac lovelinesss

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Lavender


The smaller S21 first brought us this majestic purple hue, and it’s become something of a standard color for Samsung, which is excellent because its Lavender hue looks fabulous! Want your phone to match your earbuds, your watch band, and more? Lavender is the way to go.

$699 at Samsung

Show me them pearly whites!

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE White


White shines and sparkles like that gleaming castle at the end of a fairy tale, and nothing looks cleaner. It’s also a great option if you want to pair it with transparent pattern cases to produce bold looks in any and every style you can imagine.

$699 at Samsung

Just call it black

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Graphite


Like LEGO Batman, the Graphite S21 FE only works in black or sometimes very, very, very dark gray. Black is the quintessential color for smartphones, but it can feel a bit tired since it’s the color quite literally every phone on the market comes in. You know why? Because black goes with everything.

$699 at Samsung

Like faded army green

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Olive


If you actually appreciate this shade, you should click the picture above and stop reading, because I cannot stand this color. Bad enough Samsung put this baby-vomit, burnt pea soup, green-brown on the Galaxy Buds 2, but putting it on a phone is lunacy.

$699 at Samsung

Vibrant violet Lavender is the best Galaxy S21 FE color


Last year’s Galaxy S20 FE came in six lovely colors, including a “Cloud Lavender” that was a little too pink for most folks. This year they’ve paired down considerably, leaving us only two colors outside the traditional White and “Graphite” black. One of these two colors is luscious and luxurious, and the other… isn’t.

Samsung had a green streak from the Galaxy Note 20 all the way up to the Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 FE, but the shade used here — and used on the Galaxy Buds 2 — looks drab, unappealing, and has too much brown in it, resulting in a color that isn’t quite green but isn’t quite beige. Some people seem to like the color, including some of the Android Central staff, but I’m sorry, it’s just plain ugly and impractical, too. The Green S21 FE’s will clash with most Galaxy S21 FE cases, any patterned clear case will look terrible, and while current Samsung accessories match it, we don’t know how long Olive is sticking around.

Conversely, the Pantone Color of the Year is Very Peri, a purple shade that the Lavender S21 FE meshes with perfectly. Cases like the Caseology Nano Pop have already seized on the synergy, and even if you don’t stay in the purple phone accessories, this shade looks great with most blues, some greens, most pinks, and some reds. In short, while the White and Graphite S21 FEs may go with everything, the Lavender S21 FE will look bolder, more elegant, and more fun.

And we all could definitely use some fun right now.

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