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Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband comes with home internet options


Verizon has just made a massive move to deliver 5G Ultra Wideband to 100 million people in 1,700 cities across the U.S with four new plans coming to the market, including home internet options. So what does that mean for you, and what’s it look like in terms of speed, pricing, and availability?

Well, first, you’ll need a 5G-capable device for this service to be useful for you. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade, perhaps now is the time to check out some of the best 5G phones of 2021. Verizon is also offering promotions for the latest phones if you’re eligible. Regarding 5G Ultra Wideband’s speeds, Verizon made the bold claim that it can perform up to 10 times as fast as your current internet, but it’s worth remembering that most people are rarely seeing Ultra Wideband speeds in most places and only in limited areas and circumstances.


“This massive launch will put incredible speeds, reliability, and security in the hands of our customers and amplifies our offering of reliable home and business broadband options to more places around the country, well ahead of the commitment we made last year,” said Hans Vestberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon. “As 5G Ultra Wideband becomes available to more and more people and businesses, it will allow our customers to do more amazing things.”

Once you’re all set with a 5G phone, you can peruse available mobile plans to choose from at Verizon. These include:

5G Start

The most basic of basic plans, available for as low as $35 per line, offers 5G nationwide and unlimited data. Not too shabby. But you don’t get the Ultra Wideband Verizon is raving about.

5G Play More

For $45 to $55 per line in your household, you get access to the 5G Ultra Wideband, 5G nationwide, 50GB of premium network access, unlimited data, 25GB premium hot spot data, and unlimited lower speeds. There plan also offers free streaming subscriptions to Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, and Apple Arcade.

5G Do More

Exactly like 5G Play More, the only difference with this plan are the additional benefits you get. Instead of streaming services, you have the option of getting reduced pricing on a watch, tablet, hot spot, or Hum plan for connected cars.

The biggest benefit of this plan is the monthly single day Travel Pass, which allows you to talk, text, and use unlimited data for 24 hours in around 185 different countries. A nice bonus is that Verizon states that you can accumulate up to 12 days of these Travel Passes in a year — one earned per month — to use when you go on vacation.

And finally, those with the 5G Do More plan will also have access to Verizon Cloud 600GB service.

5G Get More

For $55 to $65, this plan gets you the 5G Ultra Wideband, 5G Nationwide, unlimited premium network speeds, 5GB premium hot spot data, and unlimited lower speeds.

The  major difference from the other plans is that it’s essentially all the other plans combined. You get the streaming services, the Travel Passes, and access to the Verizon Cloud. For the $10 more than some of the previous plans, G Get More is looking pretty worth it — but only if any of those benefits are something you’d want or use.

Home and business internet

If you’re looking for Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband for your business, you can check out all the information on its business packages. For home internet, Verizon has two available plans to choose from and a device you set up yourself for internet at home.

Verizon claims setup is easy. You just have to order your home device, wait for your package in the mail, plug it in when you get it, and you should be good to go.

Finally, Verizon also claims customers won’t face any promotional or surprise pricing increases or additional fees, data overages, or equipment charges.

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