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Tips for Boosting Productivity Across Company Departments


The main objective of companies is overall success in terms of growth and ever-increasing profits. Different companies take different approaches to achieve this. One of these ways is to reduce the company into different departments responsible for various duties to deliver certain results. This approach has been quite fruitful to many companies and has since delivered according to the stakeholders` objectives. However, the next step is trying to increase productivity and therefore the organization and planning of the company is key. A major part of this process is looking for ways the various company departments can be more effective. This blog talks through some of the several ways you can achieve this.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in various departments.

It is of great importance for you to personally get to know employees in the company. Different people are gifted and talented differently and, in the same way, they also have other flaws. While allocating various duties you should keep each employee in mind knowing that their skill-set determines the company’s productivity level.

If, for instance, there’s a worker in any department who can think broadly and present productivity tips, you can give him a platform where he can bring forth creative ideas more boldly. Every worker wishes to exercise their talents and work where their strengths lie and therefore looking forward to every working day. This leads to better outcomes.

Guarantee proper communication.

Communication is a prime factor that highly contributes to the level of success a company achieves. Lack of communication leads to miscommunication which becomes the trigger to the business`s downfall.

Communication between the workers in a department is vital since everyone will get to know their responsibilities and avoid confusion. Communication between different departments cannot be avoided due to their interdependence.

Team building events.

Teamwork is one primary reason for carving up a company into departments. This teamwork depends heavily on the camaraderie between the members of the workforce. Team members should get along, which creates a lively atmosphere within the workplace. If the workers are happy from within, then the chances are productivity will skyrocket.

Due to the nature of man, we do not get along with everyone we meet. This is not surprising among workers too. To eradicate the hatred and foster harmony among team members, you should organize team-building exercises.

Reward best performing departments.

You should give your employees a reason to work and rewards work best in this. When the different departments are competing for the reward, no department member would like to be the cause of their failure. Therefore, the members will work tirelessly to get the reward which directly affects the company’s overall productivity. A monetary incentive is one form of a great bonus that is highly appreciated.

Another way to reward your company staff members is by catering for foreign trips to companies in foreign states to acquire exposure and benchmark on what is expected of world-class employees. One important event they can attend is the Forbes Technology Council, a community for world-class chief information and technology officers.

Give encouraging feedback.

Aim at introducing a feedback procedure in a team. Letting employees be aware of how they are performing is a step that can improve their efficiency significantly. This is one reason why performance reviews and encouraging feedback are recommended to increase team productivity.

After presenting your feedback, enquire from them what you can do to help them improve their productivity. Maybe they would prefer more room for freedom or in-depth counseling in that line of work. This step will improve communication and create more space for presenting ideas that will boost the company’s productivity.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there is no single specific action you can take to improve your department’s productivity; rather you can set a foundation and an environment that can aid in improving the company’s yield. With constant gradual practices, you will see a change in the outcomes of your company’s inputs. Besides the tips discussed above, you can seek more knowledge about improving productivity across departments in your company. New York Times, a daily newspaper, is a credible source you can rely on for these tips.

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