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Three SEO Ranking Factors That Can Improve Your Website’s Reach


According to one study, 51% of all web traffic starts with an organic search.

If you are interested in capitalizing on some of that traffic, you’ll need to do some SEO marketing. 

But what are the most important SEO ranking factors to get your business on the first page? Keep reading to find out!

A Good Website

One thing that Google’s crawlers will check for is if you have a website out there. Google will need to go to your website and understand what your business is about.

To do that, you’ll need to make sure you use a website builder that has good code. You’ll need to have a robotx.txt file to tell Google where it should look for information on your business. Also, include a sitemap of all the relevant pages on your website. 

Content With Keywords

If you want to rank in Google Maps, on their page, or anywhere on the internet, it’s important to use good, relevant keywords.

This is what your customers will search for when trying to find products or information, so you need to tailor it to show up in their results. 

To find good keywords, you can use tools like Google Analytics or even get into the head of your customer. How much do they search for your product to find your page?

Page Loading Speed

Have you ever visited a website and it takes forever to load? Most people will abandon a page if it takes longer than just a few seconds to load. 

And most of those people won’t come back to see if it loads faster the next time. Having this quick bounce rate can really hurt your SEO ranking, so you need to ensure that your website is running quickly at all times.

When you have a page that loads quickly, people will keep coming back. Google will recognize that your website is very popular, and they’ll adjust your search ranking.

Domain Name

You’ll also need a good domain name. Google will sometimes penalize websites if there are duplicate domain names out there. They think that those sites are spammy and have low content, so make sure your site doesn’t fall into that category.

When choosing a good domain name, you should try to find a URL that will reflect what your business is, and then move forward with optimizing that as much as possible. 

Remember, you always want to try and be an authority figure in your subject, so make sure your content is always relevant to your business and whatever your domain name is.

Discover More SEO Ranking Factors

These are only a few SEO ranking factors that you should keep in mind, but there are many more of them out there.

We know that digital marketing can be stressful and difficult to deal with, but we have more tips to make it even easier for you.

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