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These screen protectors will keep your new Galaxy S21 FE screen safe


Like the original S21, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE features a flat screen, 120Hz refresh rate, and the brilliantly bright colors of a Samsung-tuned AMOLED display. Nothing would break my heart more than seeing such a beautiful screen shattered and spiderwebbed, and that’s why the best Galaxy S21 FE screen protectors — especially tempered glass ones — are essential. We’ve rounded the best of them, so please, let’s keep your screen safe.

Like nothing’s there at all

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite

Staff Pick


InvisibleShield’s Glass Elite sports some nifty features with its tempered glass, including ion exchange technology to increase the glass’s durability and ClearPrint fingerprint-erasing so your screen doesn’t look like a super smudged mess.

$40 at ZAGG

Just like the original

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)


Supershieldz features the same 2.5D rounding on its edges as the S21 FE, keeping you from feeling its edges when you swipe off the edge of the screen. Its coating repels water and the oils on your hands to keep everything clean and clear.

$8 at Amazon

Easy installation

Spigen Glas.tR AlignMaster Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)


If you’re as bad at installing screen protectors as I am, Spigen’s AlignMaster system ensures that you get it right this time. With a precise cutout for the camera rather than a teardrop, this screen protector will look totally invisible once you get a case on it.

$14 at Amazon

Protect both sides

UniqueMe Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector (2+3-Pack)


UniqueMe’s kits not only have two tempered glass protectors for the front of your Galaxy S21 FE, but also tempered glass covers for your camera module. Even if your phone takes a bad tumble, your cameras won’t be scratched or scattered.

$11 at Amazon

Kiss scratches goodbye

OtterBox Amplify Glass Screen Protector


Engineered in partnership with Corning, the ultimate glass masters, the Amplify screen protector is more scratch-resistant than the competition. This protector doesn’t come with spares because you should never need one, but OtterBox’s lifetime warranty will replace it for free.

$50 at OtterBox

Glare-free photos

OMOTON Tempered Glass & Camera Lens Protector (3+2-Pack)


Do you shoot a lot of videos at night or with your flash on? OMTON’s camera lens protectors are black to limit the glare that refracts through the glass camera module cover, ensuring the best picture quality. You also get three screen protectors to ensure you’re covered.

$9 at Amazon

Easy-read films

J&D Anti-Glare Matte Film Shield Screen Protector


If you prefer thinner films to thick glass, J&D’s pack is a dollar per film so that you have plenty to swap out. Most importantly, while most glass screen protectors reflect everything, these films are matte for easier outdoor reading and easier pictures of your phone screen while TikTok-ing.

$6 at Amazon

Affordable glass protection

LK Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector (2+3-Pack)


A plasma oleophobic finish on LK’s tempered glass ensures that your screen won’t turn into smudge city, and it leaves slight gaps on all sides so that even heavy duty cases don’t interfere with it. Plus, 3D sculpting means the edges feel smooth and natural.

$11 at Amazon

Guard your cameras

Spigen Glas.tR Optik Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector (2-Pack)


Most name-brand and premium tempered glass screen protectors only cover the front glass and not the back. Spigen, thankfully, sells its camera lens separately so you can mix and match between brands. These blacked-out protectors limit glare issues, too.

$14 at Amazon

Invest in proper protection for your Galaxy S21 FE

If you break, crack, scratch, shatter, or otherwise damage your phone screen, your shiny new flagship turns into a low-profile paperweight. We avoid this with two things: a wonderful, protective case and a sturdy screen protector. Thanks to the popularity of the Samsung S20 FE, we have plenty of excellent options available for the Galaxy S21 FE right out of the gate.

ZAGG and OtterBox are offering great name-brand protection, with the InvisibleShield Glass Elite offering a ClearPrint coating that helps fingerprints dissipate and keep your glass pristine, a tall feat these days as we spend more and more time on our phones. Installation is also easier than ever and no one is more grateful for that than I am.

Tempered glass makes for the best Galaxy S1 FE screen protectors

There are two main types of screen protectors: tempered glass and plastic films. Plastic films used to be all we had to choose from, but these days tempered glass screen protectors are plentiful and popular. Why? Impact absorption.

Quick physics lesson: If your phone falls face-first on the ground, the kinetic energy built up by the drop gets transmitted into the ground through the surface of the phone that makes contact. That kinetic energy combined with the ripples and flexes caused by the force of the fall is what makes screens break, and PET films are too thin to absorb that force.

Tempered glass screen protectors, on the other hand, have more mass and often the same hardness as the screen. So when the phone falls, the kinetic force breaks the tempered glass screen protector — but leaves the original glass underneath intact and operating. We sacrifice the replaceable glass to save the important glass and digitizer underneath

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