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These are the best Fitbit Charge 5 bands you can buy


When you buy a new fitness tracker, one of the first things you’ll want to do is find a band that matches your style. What’s more, you want to be sure you’re picking a band that will provide excellent comfort. Choosing the best Fitbit Charge 5 bands requires you to consider a few key factors. Do you need one to withstand intense workouts? Are you headed to a formal event that requires a fancy accessory? Whatever the case, Fitbit offers some fantastic options. Keep in mind these bands have new pins, so previous Charge 3 or Charge 4 bands won’t work.

One for every outfit

OMEE Soft Silicone Band (12-Pack)


Staff Pick

Sometimes, you’re looking for a straightforward design that’s comfortable enough for daily wear. If that sounds familiar, you might prefer the OMEE Soft Silicone Band. The lightweight silicone material is water-resistant to handle sweat, rainfall, and swimming. It’s also super comfy, and you get 12 different colors.

$20 at Amazon

Time to be active

Fitbit Charge 5 Sport Silicone Band


Serious fitness enthusiasts will likely be content with the Fitbit Charge 5 Sport Silicone Band. Whether you’re off the gym or going for a swim, this band can keep up. When you lead an active lifestyle, you’ll love the breathable design to keep your skin comfortable through even the toughest workouts. The color options include Deep Sea, Black Cherry, Frost White, Frosted Lilac, and Black.

$30 at Amazon
$30 at Best Buy
$30 at Walmart

Elegance and comfort

Fitbit Charge 5 Horween Leather Band


When it’s time to get fancy, there’s no better option than the Fitbit Charge 5 Horween Leather Band. It’s one of the most elegant bands you’ll find for this fitness tracker, which is why it’s also the most expensive. The lightweight, full-grain leather material is stunning, but durable and functional. You’ll notice the natural materials will seamlessly mold to your wrist over time for a perfect fit.

$49 at Amazon

Bohemian feel

ShuYo Adjustable Nylon Bands (5-Pack)


This 5-pack of adjustable nylon bands looks trendy and feels great on your wrists. You won’t be able to walk into formal settings with these casual straps on your Fitbit Charge 5, though. So, make sure you’ve got a spare set for such occasions.

$13 at Amazon

Chic selection

Abanen Crystal Alloy Band


Abanen’s Crystal Allow Band dresses up your Fitbit Charge 5 for fancier events. You get a delicate bracelet-like pattern with stones embedded in it for extra sparkle. There are three metallic shades: silver, rose gold, and black.

$18 at Amazon

Keep it casual

Fitbit Charge 5 Hook & Loop Nylon Band

The best Fitbit Charge 5 band for keeping things casual comes from Hook & Loop Nylon, made with a blend of nylon and 9% recycled polyester materials. The hook-and-loop fastener will keep your tracker secure without a bulky clasp or buckle. This nylon band is available in both Black and Coastal Blue shades. You’ll appreciate the unique heathered pattern that stands out from other bands.

$34 at Amazon

Flower power

ENDIY Floral Flower Silicone Strap


Tired of monochrome, plain Jane silicone straps? Grab this lovely floral number from ENDIY. There are animal prints too, but the black floral design is the prettiest of the lot.

From $8 at Amazon

For smaller wrists

Surundo Slim Silicone Bands (8-Pack)


Ladies such as myself often complain about the lack of straps designed for small wrists in the market. If you face a similar conundrum, Surundo’s Slim Bands are the perfect pick. Plus, you get eight vibrant hues included in the package.

$20 at Amazon

Sleek metal straps

Meliya Metal Bands Bands (3-Pack)


Flat metal bands like these look much classier than standard chain options. You get a mix of three metallic shades and two sizes, small or large. Meliya offers standard silver, black, and gold finishes. But then you can also pick unusual ones like rose gold, purple, pink, and even blue metallic shades.

From $18 at Amazon

Best Fitbit Charge 5 bands: How to choose

While the options were somewhat limited at first, there’s a little something for every occasion out there now. Unfortunately, Fitbit decided to introduce a new proprietary band system with this fitness tracker, so you can’t use older Fitbit bands. Nonetheless, there is a healthy variety of options available now, with some solid choices to consider.

If you’re seeking the best Fitbit Charge 5 bands for daily wear, you’ll likely prefer the OMEE Soft Silicone Band (12-Pack). The bands are incredibly ergonomic, with some reviews stating that they’re even more comfortable than the first-party Fitbit silicone bands. The waterproof silicone material can withstand swims, sweat, and rainfall. With an assortment of 12 shades in the box, it’s a value buy through and through.

Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up, and you need to opt for something a bit more formal than silicone. If that’s the case, you might want to splurge and get yourself the Fitbit Charge 5 Horween Leather Band. This stunning band is available in Black and Plum color variants. You’ll enjoy the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Not to mention that this band is made from high-quality leather handcrafted with premium oils and dyes. The natural materials are designed to mold to your wrist for a seamless fit.

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