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These are the best bands for the Garmin Vivomove Sport


The new Garmin Vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch is designed to combine the traditional look of an analog watch with essential smart features. All the models come with a soft silicone band, which can easily be replaced thanks to the quick release band system. We’ve gathered some of the best Garmin Vivomove Sport bands below to help you pick the right one for your needs.

Premium comfort

BARTON Soft Silicone Watch Band


Staff Pick

Comfort and durability are important when choosing the best Garmin Vivomove Sport band for your needs. Fortunately, this band from BARTON has you covered. It’s ideal for fitness enthusiasts with a textured back to prevent slipping and waterproof material that you can depend on.

$15 at Amazon $18 at Walmart

Breathable and flexible

Watdpro Watch Band


Perhaps your ideal band offers maximum breathability and flexibility. If so, this option from Watdpro might be what you’re looking for. The tight double-layer braided nylon material is soft yet durable. You’ll also appreciate that it’s easy to clean and won’t lose its shape after you’ve washed it.

From $6 at Amazon

Stay classy

LDFAS Leather Watch Band (2-pack)


If you’d rather prioritize form over function, then you might be better off with these classy LDFAS leather watch bands. The two-pack comes with brown and black bands, so it’s easy to match your watch to your outfit. You can also opt for a black, rose gold, or silver buckle.

$16 at Amazon

Fashionable and functional

Ritche Canvas Watch Band


Another attractive option to consider is this canvas watch band from Ritche. There are endless color options to pick from, including Khaki, pink, Smoke Grey, Army Green, and more. The band is made of premium cotton canvas that’s comfortable but tough, so it’ll withstand all your workouts.

$20 at Amazon $35 at Walmart

Maximum airflow

NotoCity Soft Silicone Sport Band


Are you most concerned with finding a band that won’t feel like it’s suffocating your skin? You’ll have maximum airflow with this NotoCity silicone band. The innovative air holes design allows your skin to breathe freely even during the toughest workouts, so it’s great for fitness enthusiasts.

From $9 at Amazon

Keep your options open

RuenTech Silicone Watch Band (5-pack)


If you’re interested in a multi-pack of bands that comes in various vibrant colors, look no further than this set of bands from RuenTech. The high-quality silicone is durable enough to prevent slipping. The sweat-resistant and waterproof material ensure your band is perfect for daily wear and intense activities.

$14 at Amazon

Switch it up

TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Solid + Mesh Watch Band (2-pack)


Do you want to switch between a solid stainless steel band and a mesh woven band, this two-pack from TRUMiRR was made just for you. A few color options include black, silver, and rose gold. The solid band has removable links so you can achieve a perfect fit. The mesh band is sleek and thin with a secure locking clasp.

$20 at Amazon

Stretch it out

UHKZ Nylon Elastic Watch Band


For superior flexibility, the best Garmin Vivomove Sport band is this option from UHKZ. It’s made of smooth nylon material that’s breathable and flexible. It’s also strong, sturdy, and easy to clean. Rather than mess with a buckle, the stainless steel slider allows for quick and easy size adjustments.

From $7 at Amazon

Accessorize in style with the best Garmin Vivomove Sport bands

The Vivomove Sport offers much more than meets the eye. These Garmin smartwatches are equipped with heart-rate tracking, connected GPS, Body Battery, sleep monitoring, stress tracking, smartphone notifications, and so much more. The standard silicone bands are a nice starting point, but you may eventually want to upgrade something different.

Fortunately, there are numerous options to pick from these days. One of the best Garmin Vivomove Sport bands you can buy is the BARTON Soft Silicone Watch Band. The company is known for delivering high-quality watch bands that offer superior comfort, so your wrist will thank you. The silicone bands come in multiple colors, and you can choose whether you want a black or silver buckle.

Another band option to consider for your hybrid smartwatch is the Ritche Canvas Watch Band. You can rely on the premium cotton canvas material to provide you with the perfect combination of strength and comfort. So whether you’re wearing your watch to a formal event or you’re hitting the gym, it’ll look good and feel good on your wrist.

As far as hybrid watches go, the Garmin Vivomove Sport is a wonderful Android smartwatch for users who appreciate the aesthetic of a classic timepiece but still want to indulge in some smart features. What’s more, these are just a few of the best Garmin Vivomove Sport bands that you’ll have to choose from. As long as you opt for a 20mm quick-release band for your watch, you’ll be good to go!

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