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The upcoming Galaxy S22 series has our readers cautiously optimistic



Plenty of people are interested in the Galaxy S22, but let’s see what we get.

What you need to know

  • Roughly half our readers are reserving Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series.
  • The rest are either not interested or will wait until we learn more about the phones.
  • Samsung is launching the Galaxy S22 at an event in February.

With reservations open for Samsung’s next flagship series, we wanted to gauge early interest in the Galaxy S22 series. That’s why over the weekend, we asked our readers if they were reserving the new smartphones.

Out of more than 1700 responses, 46% say they are reserving the Galaxy S22. However, 34% say they’ll pass, and 18% say they can wait.

These numbers aren’t too surprising. Excitement for the Galaxy S22 series has been growing since rumors began that the Galaxy S22 Ultra might become the Galaxy Note successor. That said, Samsung hasn’t announced the new phones yet, so we have no official information on specs and pricing, which can make one pause.


While many expressed interest in future Galaxy foldables instead, one reader, Starfleet Captain, says his interest remains in traditional smartphones, but with one caveat for the S22 Ultra:

Yes, I reserved the Galaxy s22 Ultra. I like the foldable phones. They have great potential, but they’re just not there yet for me. I’m looking forward to upgrading my Note 20 Ultra. Did you read that correctly? UPGRADE is the key word. If the rumors of 8 GB of RAM are true for a base model with the price of $1300, I will not consider that “upgrading”. If true, that will be a no-go for me and I’ll probably end up with something like the OnePlus 10 pro.

Another reader wasn’t so keen about getting another Galaxy, likely due to some of the compromises Samsung has made with its devices recently, such as removing expandable memory.

I finally completely ditched @SamsungMobile in July last year after 10+ year of Galaxy S as my daily. I don’t agree with OEMs telling us what we can and can’t do with the devices we pay for. So, it’s unlikely, but…. I might buy it just to try out and move on.

— 🄰🅂🄷 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@_AndroidAsh) January 22, 2022

Another reader felt the sting of grabbing Samsung’s best Android phones last year before realizing there was no expandable storage:


Of course, we won’t know more about these phones until the February Galaxy Unpacked event, but the prospect of a Galaxy Note successor is an enticing one. That said, there’s still time to reserve the new flagships and get in on pre-order perks.

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