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Take Your Wireless Home Office to Another Level


Wireless devices were once rare and innovative, but are now commonplace. You likely have some wireless devices in your home already, be it headphones, or a portable speaker.

Nevertheless, wireless devices are still very desirable, especially in a home office environment. Reducing cables means less clutter around the office, a tidier desk, and also fewer hazards.

Slips and trips are the most common accidents in the workplace, so tidying up or reducing those cables is a good move. Perhaps though, you already have mostly wireless devices in your office.

If that is the case, you might be interested to see how you could improve this area.

The popularity of home offices today

For many, the idea of having an office in the home is very desirable. A private area where projects can be drawn up, work carried out in seclusion, and of course, a few online games played.

For some though, having a home office is a necessity. As the pandemic took hold, many people were forced to start remote working. This has been a boon for most people, and they have enjoyed having more hours to themselves again.

The website, Small Business Trends, reported that 26.7% of US employees would be remote working in 2021. It seems that even after the pandemic ends, many people will keep up this trend, with more workers to follow.

How do you manage a home office properly?

To manage productivity, and stay healthy in your new workplace, it needs to be treated as a proper office. Lighting, comfort, and appropriate tools need to be in place.

Blinds can be used to manage natural light, and to stop computer screen glare. A good chair is a necessity for comfort and avoiding back problems. A proper desk, a laptop or desktop, WiFi, proper ventilation, and storage space, are all needed.

When it comes to the office tools you use the most, they will likely be your PC and your peripherals. For these devices to be truly practical, they should be wireless.

Why do you need wireless devices and peripherals?

Going wireless achieves a few things. Firstly, some can help free up USB ports for older devices that need them. Secondly, they also make the desk less cluttered.

Wireless devices such as mice are also often easier to move. Mobility is important if you are using such a device constantly, perhaps in design work.

Many modern wireless devices are ergonomic too. The University of New Hampshire reports on the benefits of ergonomic keyboards. They can help to reduce fatigue and help with productivity.

How can you take wireless devices to the next level?

You might think going wireless is as good as it gets. However, there is still one area that could be changed.

Wireless devices need to be powered. Mice are usually battery-powered, and keyboards also. Now though, solar keyboards and other devices mean that you no longer need to use harmful batteries.

Batteries harm the environment and billions of them are tossed into landfills each year. If you switch to a traditional wired keyboard then you may be using coal-powered electricity, which also is bad for the planet.

Are there any real advantages in swapping to solar power?

The main positives are connected to the environment, convenience, and expenditure.

Many people are put off solar power due to the cost. Installing panels is a big investment. However, solar power is more affordable than you think when you choose to use it in small ways.

A solar-powered keyboard means that you will never run out of power, and you won’t need to keep replacing batteries. What happens if you are behind with a deadline and the batteries run out?

Is a solar keyboard really worth buying?

It sounds a bit amusing really, a solar keyboard? Aren’t solar devices better employed outdoors? If you consider a well-lit home office, there is probably plenty of natural light getting in. This can power a solar keyboard quite happily, and they also charge up from artificial light.

The thing to understand with solar keyboards is that they have batteries too. If you choose the right one, your keyboard could be charged up for 3 to 6 months of use. Think how many standard batteries you may have had to buy during that time for a regular wireless keyboard.


If you look at the future of environmental technology and a sustainable future, it is clear that solar power will feature more often. It doesn’t matter that devices are designed to be used indoors, as long as they have a good battery system, they can hold a charge for weeks or months.

There are already solar-powered mice, solar clocks, and solar desk lamps. In the future, your next-level home office might be totally solar-powered. This will bring benefits to the planet, and reduce your expenditure.

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