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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked invites roll out for February 9


bruarSamsung has officially sent out invites for its next big flagship smartphone and tablet launch. The company initially shared that it would be hosting its first major Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in February, but today finally confirmed that the event will take place at 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, February 9, That’s 7 a.m. PT for those on the West Coast.

As with most tech events held during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’ll be a fully remote, livestreamed affair, with viewers able to catch the show on Samsung’s official website.


What are we expecting?

As for what we expect, Samsung is debuting the Galaxy S22 series at the event, alongside the Galaxy Tab S8. Reports detailing specs and pricing for all devices expected to be revealed have already leaked over the past couple of weeks.  Most importantly, Samsung is also expected to refresh the Galaxy Note line for the first time in two years, kinda. The company is reportedly preparing a Galaxy S22 Ultra that is built with the same design as former Notes, complete with a built-in S Pen.


“We know many of you were surprised when Samsung didn’t release a new Galaxy Note last year. You loved the unparalleled creativity and efficiency of the Galaxy Note series, which enabled you to switch from gaming nirvana to high-octane productivity in the blink of an eye. You raved about the lifelike S Pen, which many say rivals putting ink to paper. And we haven’t forgotten about these experiences you love,” Samsung Pr Roh said in a release.

If the reports are true (and the effusive focus on the Note’s history certainly hints at it), the S22 Ultra is set up to be the Note fans knew and loved in everything but name. As Shakespeare once said: “What’s in a name?” The key feature that decides if the S22 Ultra is a winner for Note fans will be if it allows for the S Pen to be docked in the phone without requiring a special case.

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