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Intel 700-series motherboards leaked, but Biostar denies it


With Intel Raptor Lake still looming on the distant horizon, it seems that Biostar may be preparing for its rumored launch. The motherboard manufacturer submitted several new entries to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC.)

This new leak suggests that Biostar may be readying multiple Intel 700-series motherboards for the future launch of Intel Raptor Lake. However, the manufacturer has stated that the progress on the new motherboards is not quite as advanced as the listing may suggest.

Intel 700 mobo for Raptor Lake from BIOSTAR


— 포시포시 (@harukaze5719) January 17, 2022

The EEC listings were found and posted by @harukaze5719 on Twitter. While such listings are usually proven to be true, it’s good to take everything with a healthy dose of skepticism until the official launch of any product. However, if this information checks out, Biostar will be releasing a lot of motherboards with the Z790 and B760 chipsets.

Some of the listed boards include the presumably high-end Z790 Valkyrie, Z790 Racing GTA, and Z790-A Silver. The list also features nine B760 motherboards of various models, including GTQ, M-Silver, MX5-E Pro, and more. According to VideoCardz, the manufacturer has confirmed that the B760 models are part of its upcoming mid-range series for Intel Raptor Lake.

The new motherboards will one day serve as replacements to the currently existing Z690 models. They may be the first ones to support one of the new features included in Raptor Lake processors: Digital Linear Voltage Regulator (DLVR.) This feature is rumored to lower the CPU power by as much as 25%.

As the rumored launch of Intel’s 13th-generation of CPUs draws nearer, we are starting to piece together more information about these processors. Intel Raptor Lake may offer up to 24 cores with a hybrid core architecture along with faster DDR5 support. A recent leak also suggests that the new processor may have a massive cache of up to 68MB.

While the new motherboards will likely support DLVR, owners of existing Z690 boards may be able to upgrade to Intel Raptor Lake without swapping their whole setup. However, it’s possible that DLVR will not be available without upgrading to a new motherboard. This may prompt some users to upgrade to one of the latest-and-best motherboards as opposed to sticking to the Z690 chipset.

It’s hard to tell whether the EEC listing is real. While the motherboards are almost certainly in the works, Biostar has reached out to VideoCardz and claimed that they are still in the planning stages. The company has stated that the listing is fake. Regardless of the listing’s credibility, Intel has confirmed that Raptor Lake processors are on track to launch in 2022, so we will undoubtedly start seeing some motherboards popping up in the next few months.

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