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Instagram exploring new profile grid offering greater personalization


Instagram recently revealed it’s testing a new feature that lets you view your feed in different ways, and now news has dropped that the company may be about to offer you more control over the way your content is presented, too.

Spotted this week by Silicon Valley insider and prominent leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is exploring the idea of allowing you to edit your profile grid to show images and videos in any order you like.

#Instagram is working on the ability to edit the profile grid allowing you to rearrange posts in any order you like 👀

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) January 10, 2022

Paluzzi’s tweet includes a screenshot with “Edit Grid” at the top of the display and a feature that lets you reorder content through what appears to be a drag-and-drop process.

At the current time, the profile grid shows the most recent posts at the top, but the feature would let you pull older images into view so that visitors to your profile page will see only the content that you want them to see.

Such a feature would be ideal for brands, artists, and influencers who would surely love the chance to have more control over the presentation of their content. Professional photographers, for example, could use such a feature to showcase their best shots, moving their favorite images to the top of their profile grid for greater visibility.

We’ve reached out to Instagram for confirmation that it’s considering such a feature and we will update this article when we hear back.

The leak comes a week after Instagram chief Adam Mosseri confirmed that the social media app is preparing to add two new feeds for users, alongside the current Home feed that presents images in an order that Instagram’s algorithms calculate will appeal to you most.

The two new feeds are Favorites, which lets you select particular accounts for viewing, and Following, which brings back the old chronological feed so you can see all posts from people you follow in the order in which they were posted. The Home feed will also be tweaked to start including more recommendations of accounts that you don’t currently follow.

“It’s important to me that people feed good about the time that they spend on the app, and I think giving people ways to shape Instagram into what’s best for them is one of the best ways to pursue that goal,” Mosseri said, adding that Instagram is aiming to launch the new feeds in the first half of this year.

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