Friday, February 23, 2024

Google Nest’s new audio feature update has irked many customers



It has turned Google Assistant-powered smart displays and speakers into a pesky bedfellow.

What you need to know

  • Google has changed the ambient white noise sound on Nest devices.
  • However, the new sound has clearly irritated many Nest users due to its “quieter” or “muffled” sound.
  • As a result, many customers have been unable to sleep.

Google Assistant is capable of a variety of tasks, including lulling you to sleep by playing white noise. However, a recent change to that feature is causing significant annoyance for many Google Nest device owners.

Several users expressed their displeasure with the company’s decision to change the white noise sound on the Google Nest community forum page and Reddit (via 9to5Google). The change has made it difficult for many people to sleep, which defeats the purpose of the feature.

The general consensus among those who’ve complained is that the new white noise is “much quieter” and sounds “muffled.” Another complaint is that it loops every 10 minutes, which is a remarkably shorter time compared to the original one-hour cycle. This change is especially aggravating because these white noise sounds can last up to 12 hours on Google’s best smart displays and Nest speakers.

Fortunately, a Reddit user has uploaded the original white noise sound’s one-hour and 12-hour versions. This Google Drive link will take you to a download page where you can get it. Alternatively, you can look into some of the best white noise machines that are already on the market.

Google was not immediately available when reached out by Android Central for comment.

However, given the growing number of complaints about the new white noise sound (there are currently over 170 on the Nest forum), it’s possible that the company will reverse the change.

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