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Firefox Focus unveils ‘total cookie protection’ for Android

One of the downsides of the modern world is the widespread, unwanted tracking and data storage of users by websites. This tracking is done by what we call cookies, but there are ways to block them, including by using browsers that prevent automatic tracking such as the mobile-based Firefox Focus. Now, Firefox has launched Total Cookie Protection to prevent cross-site tracking.

To elaborate, Total Cooke Protection creates a “cookie jar” for each website that a user visits. Each time a website inserts a cookie in one’s browser, Firefox Focus restricts that cookie to a separate cookie jar assigned specifically for that same website. This prevents other websites from having their cookies follow your activities everywhere. With the jars, they’re now limited in the amount of information they can glean about you.  This is the first Firefox mobile browser to offer such a key feature, and it’s likely to please privacy advocates.

Mozilla Focus’ new feature will ensure that users are not susceptible to tracking from marketers.

In addition, unwanted ads and information tracking will be significantly reduced. Mozilla also launched Smartblock in December 2021, which ensures that even websites that do not work properly due to cookie blocking will still be completely operational. That’s typically been the biggest drawback of aggressively blocking cookies and codes, so it’s nice to see that taken under consideration. Previously, Firefox Focus integrated some great features into its browser, such as supercookie protection and enhanced tracking protection (ETP), to ease user fears.

The Total Cookie Protection feature was already a part of Firefox desktop’s web-based browser by default since 2021, but it has now finally made it to the mobile version for Android users.