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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cases 2022


The Galaxy S21 FE may be fashionably late to the party thanks to supply issues and all this nonsense (waves dismissively at 2021), but it’s here at last with a small price cut and a larger screen. Whether you’re picking one up from Samsung or your carrier, your new phone deserves the best protection at the best price, which is why we’ve rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases for you to choose from, whatever your style or budget.

Vibrant grip

Caseology Nano Pop

Staff pick


This case has the perfect blend of compact yet cushioned, flashy yet functional. Caseology’s Nano Pop Series offers robust protection around the S21 FE’s sweet, sweet cameras while staying slim and stylish.

$17 at Amazon

Ready to work

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series


This mil-spec rugged case uses its size to hold a wide, stable kickstand that works in both portrait and landscape mode. The built-in screen protector has a special circle of adhesive to ensure you still get crystal clear fingerprint scans to unlock your phone.

$25 at Amazon

No more glare

Ringke Fusion


Clear cases are normally shiny and crystal clear and absolutely smudge-prone, and Ringke understands how that’s not exactly glamorous for your Galaxy S21, so it offers a matte clear case to avoid the glare and obvious grime.

$14 at Amazon (Clear Matte)

The eternal favorite

Spigen Rugged Armor


While Spigen debuts new designs every few years, the classic Rugged Armor remains one of the most popular cases on the market a decade on. The accents extending from the camera module add grip while carbon fiber is still kicking around at the bottom.

$16 at Amazon

Hold more comfortably

Samsung Clear Slim Strap Cover


This unique first-party case comes with two detachable straps, one exactly matching the translucent case and the other an accent to provide a little more vibrance. The strap allows you to more securely hold your phone while reaching for the far edge or taking a selfie.

$30 at Samsung

Great feel, understated look

Caseology Vault


Available in Matte Black and a soft Sage Green, the Vault feels absolutely wonderful in the hand, grippy and velvety without any bulk at all. The Vault is a solid case for those seeking slim, understated protection.

From $14 at Amazon

Bold and muted colors

CaseBorne ArmadilloTek S Series


This rugged clear case eschews the clear bumpers that look terrible on the edges and corners for colored bumpers that pop metallically against your S21 FE’s colorway or subtly complement it with matte hues.

$16 at Amazon

Foam party

Spigen Tough Armor

Once a dual-layer case, the Spigen Tough Armor now conceals a foam lining for higher, more robust drop protection. The kickstand snapped flush on the hard outer shell also lets you easily binge YouTube in the break room and beyond.

$18 at Amazon

Dark horse competitor

Ringke Onyx

The Ringke Onyx may not be as well known as the Spigen Rugged Armor or Caseology Vault, but its hues perfectly complement the Galaxy S21 FE’s Lavender, Olive, and Graphite colorways, adding grip and an anchor point for straps or phone charms.

$13 at Amazon

Dust cover

OtterBox Commuter Series


Most cases with silicone plugs to keep dust, dirt, water, snow, and sand out your USB-C port are usually tanks, but the Commuter gives us that protection while still staying a decently compact size. The rubber along the back also keeps it from sliding off anything.

$45 at OtterBox

Show off that color

Spigen Liquid Crystal Series


Samsung brought us some unique colorways with the Galaxy S21 FE and that not-quite-faded Army green and a much prettier Lavendar, and the Liquid Crystal shows it off perfectly. to hide smudges and scuffs, grab the Glitter variant!

$15 at Amazon (Clear) $16 at Amazon (Glitter)

Unique look

Caseology Parallax


The 3D design across the back of this hybrid case is as distinct as it is divisive; you’ll either love it or hate it. If you’re a PopSocket user, never fear: the texture here is shallow enough that you can still use phone grips.

$17 at Amazon

The best Galaxy S21 FE cases balance style and protection

The popularity of the Galaxy S20 FE helped spur the availability of top-tier cases for its successor, meaning that we won’t have to wait for the good stuff the way other phone series might. Name brand options from Supcase, Caseology, Ringke, and more mean we can protect our new phones in style on Day One.


I’m ecstatic to see the Caseology Nano Pop come to the S21 FE, as the case only came to about five Samsung models in 2021. The Light Violet colorway is what I rocked on my Lavender S21 and the S21 FE is going to look even better with it thanks to the better-matched camera modules. The Blueberry Navy with yellow accents resonates with hundreds of sports teams (better luck next year, Michigan), but the Light Violet is perfection with the S21 FE.

If you’re wanting to bulk up your protection a little, Supcase and OtterBox both have ruggedly handsome options, though Supcase gives you more for less with the UB Pro’s kickstand and silicone dust flap, which I highly recommend buying if you do yard work, shop work, or any amount of work in messy environs. Cover your USB-C port, use a wonderful wireless charger, and avoid the annoyance or agony of sawdust or splinters screwing up your only port.

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