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AT&T 5G users can get six months of Stadia Pro for free with their plan



The offer works for both new and current Stadia accounts.

What you need to know

  • AT&T is offering a six-month subscription to Stadia Pro for its new and current wireless customers that have an eligible 5G phone and unlimited plan.
  • The promotion does not require buying a new smartphone or adding a line if already eligible.
  • Existing Stadia accounts that have used Stadia Pro in the past can claim the offer.

AT&T is handing out six months of Stadia Pro for free for its wireless and fiber users. The offer is available for new and current wireless customers with an eligible 5G smartphone and unlimited plan, or new residential fiber accounts with a qualifying internet plan.

The company had been offering six free months of the streaming subscription service alongside a coupon that heavily discounted the Stadia Premiere Edition since last year. The difference is that the promotion is now extended to existing AT&T Wireless users that already own an eligible 5G smartphone, instead of requiring a new 5G phone purchase or adding a new line to claim the offer.

The change comes as AT&T has also begun offering a free six-month NVIDIA GeForce Now Priority subscription, which has similar requirements with a few differences. Now AT&T users can get access for both streaming game services for six months and stream Batman: Arkham Knight to their computers, which uses Stadia tech but is not available on the platform itself, at no additional cost.

Current AT&T members can go to this website to see if they are eligible and receive a code. The promotion is available for new and existing Stadia accounts even if they were subscribed to Stadia Pro before.

Stadia Pro offers up to 4K resolution and 5.1 surround sound for games, discounts in the Stadia store, and a catalog of over 20 games to claim with more added each month. The rotating library includes some of the best Stadia games such as Crayta, Control Ultimate Edition, and Wavetale.

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