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Android apps to improve your poker skills


You can improve your poker skills and game in many ways. Playing casual or real money games at your favourite online casino can help you get a feel for the game and understand the structure. Once you understand the basics, many apps and websites analyse your games and help you make better decisions. Read on for reviews on a few of the best poker training apps available on Android devices. 


As mentioned above, the structure of poker games and calculators can be very confusing, especially for beginners. SnapShove gets rid of all the clutter and only shows you the important stats from your games. The app also helps you make the right decision during a game and trains you on the best ways to react to certain plays. 

You can get a free or paid version. The free version analyses six and nine-handed games and offers some training. SnapShove pro offers games for any number of players and access to all their training resources. 


PokerGo is an online streaming service that shows almost every televised poker game all in one place. You can watch shows, tournaments, commentary, and even the World Series of Poker. Apart from watching games played by international champions, you can access hand histories and analyses on each game you watch.


ShareMyPair is a revolutionary app that allows players to share their hand histories, get analysis, and replay the hand easily. One of the biggest challenges with sharing hand histories is writing out the whole game to describe a hand accurately. This app allows you to convert this wall of text into a game that players worldwide can replay and analyse. This app aims to change how players share and analyse past hands and helps players get many differing opinions on how they could have done better.


PokerCruncher claims to be “The App Store’s Top Texas Hold ’em Odds/Equity Calculator”, and it seems there might be some truth to that. The app costs $12.99 to install, but it seems worth it. It’s more than a simple calculator app. PokerCruncher gives you information on key points of your game, such as flop texture analysis as well as calculations of your odds. The app is very well known, and even poker coaches and vloggers use and promote it. 

Final thoughts

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your poker skills is to use training apps and calculators like the ones we recommended in this article. Watching games and analysing hand histories are also extremely useful. Apps like those above give an in-depth analysis of your hand, your odds of winning, and other stats and analyses that help you make a good decision. 

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Once you’ve spent some time training and watching other poker games, you’re ready to try casual and real money games at a casino. These are very different from the training, and you might need to go back to analyse your games and why they turned out a certain way. 

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