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6 main steps of bespoke software development


Utilities that help manage work tasks are a priority for many companies. This is due to the adaptation of the program to a specific business. It is worth creating a product to accomplish basic tasks. The Ukrainian software development company can help you with this.

A utility or a new platform would be ideal if it consists of several items. The beginning is the preparation of technical specifications, analysis, design and other tasks, detailed information about which is offered in this article below.

1. Collecting customer’s wishes

At the first stage, our colleagues collect the customer’s requirements. Developers need to find out how you want your project to be. You will discuss your business goals and how the new software should help in this. Describe how many people will work with the platform, what elements they will use.

When the specialists know what you expect from the program, they will select the development methods. This helps to avoid risks and implement the project correctly. You will find out how long it will take to develop the software and how much money it will take to create.

2. Analysis

After completing the preliminary steps of bespoke software development and creating a technical assignment, our specialists analyze the collected information. This creates a framework for programmers to write the perfect code. This stage is the most important. A thorough analysis will help us to compare goals and offer the best solution to make your idea a reality.

Experts don’t start creating a new program immediately. First, they meet with the client again and agree on their ideas. When you discuss all nuances and are sure that the programmers understand what the task is, you can draw up a deal. Now you should wait for the perfect product to be created, and the goal of the specialists is to prepare a working program.

3. Development principles

The company will prepare a clear plan that must be followed throughout all stages of creating a utility. The main thing is to figure out how to achieve the desired result. Programmers choose methods to create toolkits. It is necessary to think over a new architecture. The internal design will be based on the specification created at the previous stage. Our company takes into account:

  • your budget;
  • deadlines;
  • risks that may arise at any stage of development.

The finished product must be reliable and work without interruption. Therefore, the developers carefully study each point of their project. It’s important not to forget about the design. You will be offered several options for the website design and its functions. Thanks to the visual material, you will know what your software looks like and how easy it is for users to understand its interface.

4. Coding

This stage is the longest. At this time, programmers write the code taking into account all wishes of the customer. They take into account the tasks created during the design phase. Experts have already thought of all the details, so there will be no problems.

There are many methodologies that are used to create new products. The most popular is Agile. In this case, specialists hold regular meetings at which they talk about their work progress. This increases productivity and eliminates any drawbacks much faster.

5. Testing

When the program is created, it is necessary to find out if there are any flaws in it. Therefore, it’s time for several iterations of testing. Experts study the functions of the platform, consider ways to use it on the client part. They need to test the basic functions to see if the utility works and if it is compatible with the customer’s computer.

If there are any errors, they must be quickly fixed. This will save you from numerous modifications, and the finished product will correspond to your requirements. Most often, a beta version of the program is offered so that your employees can try the new program. If there are no problems, you will receive the main version which you can use for work.

6. Implementation

The final testing will be enough to release a completed utility, complete the process of custom software development and deploy the software. As you study it, remember to note if difficulties arise. Prioritize your notes and offer the developers information so that they can save you the trouble while you work. Our programmers use all available methods to create a platform for you to follow your goals and grow your business.

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