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The best wireless chargers to juice up your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a slick little number, but its compact size and new unique form don’t have room for a big battery. That means you’ll likely find yourself charging it up more frequently, so that’s all the more reason to opt for the convenience of wireless charging. We’ve rounded up a variety of wireless chargers that best serve the Galaxy Z Flip 3 for its size, multiple folded positions, and the position of its wireless charging coil.

Charging +1

Samsung Wireless Fast Charge Pad DUO (2021)


Staff Pick

If you’re getting more Samsung gear than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, you’ll want the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo to keep both devices topped up wirelessly. It includes its own power adapter and will neatly fit your phone in its closed or half-open positions.

$41 at Amazon$60 at Best Buy$35 at Walmart

Stealthy combo

Azurezone 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Station


The Azurezone 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Station keeps it compact, just like your Flip 3. It has a stand for your phone, a holder for your watch, and a pad for your buds. You’ll need to supply your own QC 3.0 power adapter, though.

$39 at Amazon

Upright charging

Anker PowerWave II Stand


Open or closed, your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will get topped up just fine with the Anker PowerWave II stand. The stand’s lower charging coil should line up nicely with your phone’s, delivering the 15W charge the phone accepts. Plus, the stand includes its own power adapter.

$40 at Amazon

On-the-go juice

Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini


The Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini can attach using a ring of magnets to give the Galaxy Z Flip 3 an extra 5,000mAh of battery on the go. The small size and wireless charging make it conveniently portable, though you’ll need your own AC adapter.

$50 at Amazon$50 at Best Buy

Simple, chic

Belkin Boost Charge 15W


The Belkin Boost Charger 15W keeps it tight. This compact pad will hold your Galaxy Z Flip 3 in place and keep it juiced up. The grips around the edge of the pad can hold your phone while it’s half-open without it sliding off. And an AC adapter is included.

$40 at Amazon$40 at Best Buy


Yootech 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad


If you want to keep it simple and affordable, the Yootech 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad is just that, and it can support the max wireless charging speeds of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. You’ll just need your own power adapter.

$13 at Amazon$14 at Walmart

Drive and charge

DOODBI Wireless Car Charger Mount 15W


Top up your chic Z Flip 3 on the go with the 15W DOODBI Wireless Car Charger. Unlike name brands like iOttie, this car charger is dual purpose so you can clip it on your AC vent or mount it on your car’s dashboard.

$49 at Amazon

Samsung on budget

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Pad


This first-party Qi wireless charging pad has a very small footprint and a reasonable price. If you’d like to stick with a Samsung charger for your Galaxy Z Flip 3, this square-shaped Fast Wireless Charging Pad is a more affordable option.

$40 at Amazon$40 at Best Buy$35 at Walmart

Multifunctional lamp

AFROG Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger


When convenience takes priority, this 10W desk lamp cum wireless charger has the upper hand. You get an industrial-style LED lamp with a wireless charging coil built into its base and auto-timer buttons to prevent overcharging and heating issues.

$40 at Amazon$51 at Newegg$46 at Walmart

Getting the best wireless charger for the Galaxy Z Flip 3

It’s important to note that simply buying the most powerful, most expensive wireless charging pad won’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best option for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Though wireless charging technology has advanced, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 doesn’t take advantage of the most advanced tech. In fact, it can only support a top speed of 10W while wirelessly charging. Wired charging can go up to 15W, so either way, you’re not getting the stunningly fast charging rates some phones are now offering.

Though the phone tops out at 10W charging, even if you use a 15W charger with Samsung’s Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 profile, you don’t have to shy away from 15W wireless chargers like the Anker PowerWave II, as they’ll still support the lower 10W speeds with the added benefit of working with other phones.

You should also pay attention to any charging bricks included, something premium chargers like our top pick, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, will often come with. For a wireless charging pad to output power at a specific wattage, it needs even more energy coming in. Most pads that include their own power bricks will deliver the max speeds they advertise for at least one device. Still, pads that require a separate power brick (and, by extension, a separate purchase) will generally indicate what you need to get the fastest speeds.

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