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Proxies for Android: 6 Benefits of Using Proxies in Android


Are there any benefits of using proxies in Android? If this question has been on your mind for the longest time, you are at the right place.

Anybody can use Android proxies. Some of the reasons that may prompt you to engage with these proxies include:

  • Hiding your identity for various reasons
  • Securing sensitive and private data against hackers
  • You need to hide your location and also your address

There are tons of benefits that come with proxies in Android. To know what they are, read on.

But before that, let’s understand what a proxy server is.

What Is a Proxy Server

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between the local and the large-scale network like the internet. These servers act as getaways between your device and the internet. You can configure the proxy settings over the WiFi network on an Android device using Google Chrome or other web browsers.

Using an Android proxy ensures you remain anonymous when online.

So, where can you get proxy servers? Several vendors sell proxies. You can research and find one that sells affordable or cheap proxy servers that suit your needs.

The Best Proxies for Android

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies for androids are among the most common types of proxies. They aren’t affiliated with an internet service provider. Instead, they come from secondary cooperation and offer you completely private IP authentication.

Most proxy providers offer both free and paid datacenter proxies. Nonetheless, paid data center proxies are more reliable than unpaid ones.

SSL Proxies

SSL proxies are transparent proxies that perform SSL( secure socket layer) decryption and encryption between the server and the client. They provide secure data transmission between a client and a server by combining Authentication, integrity, and confidentiality.

Rotating Proxies

Only one individual uses the IP addresses in rotating proxies at a time. These proxies provide full access to a pool that has different IP addresses. The service providers usually assign new IP addresses at regular intervals; hence difficult for any site to block you. 

Dedicated Proxies

A dedicated proxy is a high-speed proxy server.  These proxies give IP addresses to only one person. Like in rotating proxies, multiple people don’t use the IP address. Unfortunately, sites like Amazon and Instagram may block or ban your account when they discover several requests originating from one IP address.

Benefits of Using Proxies in Android

1.   Hides Your IP Address

Hackers can easily access your IP address when a data breach or a leak occurs on the website you are visiting. Such incidents are enough to get their hand on your sensitive information.

The website won’t access your real IP address with a proxy server. Instead, it logs the proxy server’s address. You become anonymous when browsing the web.

The IP address tells people about yourself. These include information like the country and the city that you are from. Some cybercriminals also go the extra mile to find details like your zip code, bank details, and the street you live in.

With Android proxies, you browse the internet in incognito.

2.   Can Reduce Loading Times

Proxy servers can cache data. Once you access a particular web page, they store them for later. Thus, when you request a cached page, it displays it to you faster.

However, this only happens when the proxy server has the web page you want to visit in its local cache. If it doesn’t, you may experience slow loading times.

3.   Ability to Access Geo-Blocked or Restricted Content

Some of the online content has geo-restrictions due to copyright or network regulations.  Streaming sites are notorious for this. Since proxy servers hide your IP address, networks can’t stop you from accessing information based on your geographical location.

With excellent proxy providers, you have vast locations to choose from. Meaning you’ll be able to access whatever you want on the net.

Some countries have also blocked certain games and apps. Android proxies lift these restrictions. If you travel to countries that have these restrictions.update your Android proxy settings, and you’ll be good  to go

You can access content meant for a Uk audience even when in the US.

You can also bypass network restrictions that prevent you from accessing certain online content at school or work.

4.    Assist in Filtering Out Malicious Websites

An admin of a proxy server may block users from accessing certain websites that could be dangerous.

That may seem off at first, but it’s all for your benefit. For instance, when the admin knows a website has phishing or malicious links, they can prevent proxy users from knowingly or unknowingly accessing the site.

Also, there is a huge possibility if you visit a malicious website, the malware it contains may infect the proxy rather than your Android device. However, this isn’t a guarantee.

5.   Avoid Website Blocks

Website blocking mostly happens to nefarious actors and bots. Unfortunately, it can also happen to your IP address. It’s not your fault, as some websites block several IP addresses if they look suspicious. This can cause inconvenience to you.

With a proxy IP address, you can navigate these websites.

6.   Avoid the Endless Captchas

When you access the internet using mobile networks, chances are you’ll experience countless captchas. Your network provider often gives you a new IP address for each new request. When you log out of the same session, your IP address is assigned to another person in your mobile network.

When you share the same IP address with a couple of people, you might experience flagging. If the last user conducted suspicious activities, the next user would have to undergo a series of captchas to resolve these issues.

Most people often disconnect from the server to resolve these issues and reconnect again. They get a new IP address once they do this.

Nevertheless, the best option for resolving this issue is getting an Android proxy to mask your IP addresses. Through it, you’ll outgrow the addresses that are available on your mobile network.

Wrapping up

Using proxies in Android comes with a lot of advantages.  There are several options in the market to choose from. With a hidden IP address, you get to hide sensitive data from individuals with malicious intent. Also, you can browse through the net fast and access different websites without restrictions.

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