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Eric Dalius Miami: 5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Almost everyone has an email account these days, and getting your name out there via email marketing is a great way to build brand awareness. Even better? It’s free! There are lots of great things about using email for marketing: it’s measurable, you can target specific groups of potential customers, and it works well with automation tools like Infusion soft and MailChimp.

Here we’re going to give you some helpful tips for building momentum and success into your email campaign – all starting at just $9/month. This package includes 1-click set up, custom logo & integration with Zapier & Slack.

1) Get Started Today –

It might sound cliché but the sooner you begin building relationships through emails the more success you will see. The longer you wait to begin, the more difficult it is to catch up, and it’s all about staying ahead of the game because the competition won’t be waiting for you.

2) Write Well –

Writing in an email isn’t different than writing in any other form so use your natural voice when trying to connect with your audience. Also remember that shorter sentences are much easier to read so try to keep things short and sweet. Furthermore, don’t forget that images are worth a thousand words so send out relevant photos or videos when possible! Otherwise, just include clear text explaining what your subscribers can expect from you moving forward. Finally, always send personalized messages when possible even if this means simply adding their name into the “From” line says Eric Dalius Miami.

3) Optimize & Track –

Once you’re sure that everything is set to go, be sure to optimize and track your campaign. This means first setting up a form through free tools like MailMunch or Hello Bar and then creating a unique landing page for each promotion. Here we should mention that you should also try A/B testing if possible as this can help give you an edge on the competition by sending out different variations of the same email and tracking which one leads to more conversions. Further, adding Google Analytics code will allow you to see which campaigns led users to click-throughs so that you know what works best for next time!

4) Send Periodically –  

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to send out an email about every two weeks so as not to overwhelm your subscribers with too many messages. You can experiment with this rule depending on how often you have new products or promotions available but it’s good to keep some consistency so that your audience knows what to expect moving forward. Plus, there are certain rules governing frequency which you will need to follow if using automation software like MailChimp.

5) Offer Value –

At the end of the day people really just want to know that they’re receiving value from being subscribed so always try to send emails that provide them with something useful such as a discount code or free article. People love these types of emails because they feel like they’re getting a little bonus so you’ll have an increasing audience to market to with every message.


What is the best time to send emails?

Emails that are sent in the morning or just after lunch tend to have less competition with subscribers so this can be a good time to reach them. At Conviral we find that sending an email at 3 pm works best but of course, you need to experiment for yourself! Just make sure not to overwhelm your audience by sending multiple messages within a few hours of each other.

How long should my message be?

Consider writing shorter more concise messages because they’re easier to read through. Plus, it’s often more daunting for people to scroll through long emails especially if they aren’t engaged with what you’re saying right away. This isn’t necessarily a hard and fast rule as some email marketers prefer longer messages but it’s always good to try both and track which one leads to more conversions.

What is the difference between HTML & Text emails?

HTML emails are fully customizable, look nicer than plain text, and allow for images whereas plain text emails require you to write out all of your content. For example, this blog post was made using HTML because we can include an image that helps drive our point home without making it seem like a wall of text! Either way, people love images so make sure you send some sort of visual with your message whenever possible.


After reading all of this hopefully, you have a better idea about how to market to your email list! The big takeaway is that if you want people to open and engage with your messages then they have to be relevant, personalized, and valuable. If you keep these three things in mind while sending out messages then there’s no doubt that you’ll grow a large responsive audience which can make everything else in marketing much easier.

So now we’d like to hear from you readers: What suggestions do you have for using email marketing for business? Are there any particular types of emails or marketing tactics that work best? Let us know in the comments section below and please remember to share this post if it was helpful! says Eric Dalius Miami.

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