Tuesday, December 5, 2023

All you need is a phone number or email to send holiday gifts on Amazon



Rushing to crowded stores and shopping malls right before the holidays to buy gifts for our family and friends is a nightmare best avoided. Though online shopping is a decent solution, shipping delays are a reality, especially the longer you wait. So what’s one to do? If you happened to wait until the very last minute to find your mom, partner, or your secret admirer a gift, Amazon has a new feature that could save the day. As long as you’re a Prime member, you can send hundreds of Amazon gifts with just a phone number or email address, no physical address required. Gift-giving without a delivery address only works from the Amazon mobile app, so grab your new iPhone 13 or beloved Android phone to get started. Here’s how to send Amazon gifts with just a phone number or email address, step by step.

How to send Amazon gifts with just a phone number or email address

Open up the Amazon mobile app on your phone.
Find the gift you want to send and add it to your Amazon shopping cart.

You will be prompted to checkout. Before proceeding to checkout, check the box next to Send as a gift. Easy Returns and then press Proceed to checkout.


On the next screen, select the option Let the recipient provide their address and then select Continue.

You can now select your gift options. Type in the recipient’s email or mobile phone number and add a gift message if you’re feeling creative. You can also add a gift bag at the bottom of the screen where it says Add ons.


Select Continue at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Place your order, and your gift is on its virtual way! The recipient should receive an email or message within 30 minutes of placing the order.


That’s it! Last-minute shopping crisis averted. Once you’ve placed your order, the gift recipient will get a message indicating that they’ve been given a gift within 30 minutes of you having placed the order. The message will reveal the gift you chose (sorry, no surprises) along with your gift message. To accept it, all they have to do is provide their delivery address and sign up for an Amazon account if they don’t already have one.

If, for some reason, the recipient doesn’t want what you’ve sent, they have the option of exchanging it for an Amazon gift card. Fortunately for them, you’ll never even find out. But hopefully, you sent a gift they can’t reject, and it’ll be on its way in no time with free Prime delivery whether they’re a Prime member or not. If, however, no action is taken within four days, the order will be automatically canceled, and your credit card won’t be charged.

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